Shakira focused on caring for her father: she celebrates the progress of her rehabilitation in the networks

Shakira He has been moved once by publishing a video on Instagram that shows the process of his father’s rehabilitation in the hospital. The singer helps her father with great tenderness and celebrates her physical achievement with great joy.

The singer remains oblivious to the controversies of her separation from Gerard Piqué and is focused on caring for and pampering the elderly, William Mebarak Chadid91, who was urgently admitted on October 17 to the Teknon-Quirón clinic in Barcelona.

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In the publication on the social network, entitled “And life is something that happens” (And life is something that happens), from the hospital room and accompanied by a doctor, the Colombian uses her own body for her father to exert force with the foots.

After the exercise, Shakira leaves her father’s feet on the floor with great care and affection and tells him “One… Come on, dad, lift your legs.” The singer’s father makes the effort and manages to raise both lower extremities while her daughter sitting in front of her exclaims “look, look, look…” on several occasions.

After raising his arms, looking at the ceiling and almost shouting “Oh yeah!”, with immense tenderness he congratulates his father: “That’s what I’m talking about” (That’s what I’m talking about, yes sir). The artist grabs both her legs again and eats her father’s feet with kisses. The doctor next to her also qualifies the feat by saying How barbaric!

The followers of the Colombian singer have left numerous motivational messages in the publication that in a few hours exceeded one and a half million likes. Some of the most outstanding comments are: “who is a good daughter, is a good wife, a good mother, a good friend, a good person”; “I don’t think there is someone more wonderful than you”; “you deserve everything nice in life Shak”; “the way she loves his daddy, God is great and blesses you” or “the diamond that Piqué let go for staying collecting stones”, among many others.

This is not the first time that the pop diva has excited her Instagram followers by sharing an image of her parents, William and Nidia, (who is heard off-screen this time) from the hospital. When it comes to her loved ones, Shakira does not hesitate to show all her happiness, affection or concern to her followers. In June of this year, she and she used social networks to explain that her father had suffered a spectacular fall.

However, he uses other methods to express what he feels in his most difficult moments. The ex of the Barcelona soccer player “talks” about her marital problems through the songs of her future new album.

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According to the interpreter’s environment, she is very upset because the father of her children has not visited hers in the hospital “nor has he been interested in their health.” A comment made by her mother to the media who asked her if her ex son-in-law had visited her husband in the hospital, she replied: “we are still family.” The comment was misconstrued. Piqué has not been to the hospital to visit the father of his ex-wife.