Shakira does not forget Piqué: these are the darts that she has cast in the love ballad for her children

Twenty four hours takes acrostic on music platforms and has already broken records. the last song of Shakira it is far from the style that he followed after the divorce (much harsher and more vengeful) and it is a beautiful ballad dedicated to his children, milan and sasha. Of course, Shakira does not forget the humiliation to which she subjected her Gerard Piqué and in the meantime love has cast some darts: “We broke a plate, not all the crockery.”

The one from Barranquilla has softened the tone to pay tribute to the true loves of her life, her two children, but she has not given up throwing hints at the father of the creatures: “If things are damaged, they are not thrown away, they are repaired, problems are faced and faced”dice.

It seems that Shakira’s heart is healing little by little: “Although I don’t know how to turn the other cheek, learning to forgive is wise. That only love comes out of those lips,” he tells Sasha. “You have to laugh at life, even though the wounds hurt. She has to give her whole heart even if they hurt her for no reason.”

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Gone are the bullets against the mother-in-law and the ‘other’ (Clara-mente). Shakira poured all her post-separation rage into music and took advantage of her painful sentimental situation to break all reproduction records on music platforms with three songs that will go down in history as the Revenge Trio (I congratulate you, Monotony and Session 53) and that have reported profits of more than 100 million euros.