Shakira competes with Kim Kardashian for the purchase of a house on this exclusive private island in Miami

Although Shakira He has a mansion full of luxuries in Miami, where he has settled after leaving Spain on April 2, which does not seem to be enough for the new life he has planned in the United States. She after a year being the protagonist of all the headlines due to her controversial break with Gerard Piquénow I would be looking for a place with more privacy.

It is a house on Fisher Island, which according to the journalist Alex Rodriguez a The Ana Rosa Programis “the most expensive residential area in the world, where there are the largest number of millionaires per square meter. It can only be accessed by boat or helicopter.”

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To get an idea of ​​how exclusive this private island in Miami is, it is enough to know how much you have to pay as a down payment to reside there: “$250,000”. After that, the annual fee drops to “$22,256.” And this area has everything: private security, restaurants, a golf course, two swimming pools, tennis courts and a beach for residents only, among other luxuries.

Rodríguez explains that there are about 1,300 residents and their average annual income is 2.5 million dollars. Being so exclusive, there is absolute privacy. And precisely for this reason, the Colombian singer is not the only one interested, she is too “Kim Kardashian“.