Shakira catches another plane and doesn’t come back: the kiss with which she says goodbye to Barcelona and heads to Miami

The singer has taken advantage of this Palm Sunday to go to Miami and do it permanently. Shakira begins a new life with his children after more than a decade in Barcelona. After his stormy end with Gerard Piquéit’s time to start again.

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The one from Barranquilla has arrived at the Barcelona airport accompanied by the little ones Milan y Sasha and his inseparable brother Tonino. The Colombian artist thanked the press for the words of affection towards her with a “thank you”.

In addition, before entering the airport facilities, the journalists have kissed. A gesture that reflects how excited she is about this new change in her life along with her two children. She leaves behind the ordeal that she has experienced in Spain in recent months. the interpreter of Session 53his brothers and his children have taken a private flight, their parents will do so later.

Piqué was seen this Saturday afternoon in the vicinity of the singer’s home, picked up her children, spent time with them and also took them to her parents’ house so that they could be with her grandparents. The former Barça central defender would have taken tremendous anger at the singer’s departure due to the way in which it was finalized.

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It should be remembered that once the agreement with Piqué was signed, Shakira had permission to move to Miami without any type of temporary restriction. In fact, she was scheduled to move at the beginning of the year but it ended up being delayed due to the inconvenience she has had due to her father’s state of health. The only thing that kept her in Spain was her William Mebarack’s health, but since she will finally not be able to be operated on in Barcelona, ​​nothing ties her here anymore.