Shakira, back in Spain (with 20 suitcases and at Esplugues’ house) after the radical change of plans

This Sunday, June 4, marks one year since the separation announcement that Shakira launched through her communication agency and just today the artist has returned to Spain after leaving for Miami with her children. Two months after beginning her new life, the artist has traveled with Milan y Sasha to Spanish lands so that the little ones can be with their father until June 19.

Shakira has not taken a direct flight, she has traveled from Miami to Madrid and, once in the capital, she has taken another flight to Barcelona.

the interpreter of Session 53 He has arrived with 19 suitcases at the house in Espulgas de Llobregat that he shared with Piqué. A more than surprising fact, since when she left the house at the beginning of April to head to Miami, everything seemed to indicate that she would not return to the house where one day she was so happy with the father of her children. Gerard Piquéto pick up the children, has entered through their parents’ house, which is connected to the other house from the inside.

Shakira has traveled with Tonino, her brother, who has not been separated from her for a single moment during this last turbulent year, marked by the separation, Clara Chía, her musical releases and the move to the other side of the pond. This Sunday, taking advantage of her return to Catalonia, the singer will attend the Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix as a spectator, as reported in socialite.

Change of plans

Last Friday the changes in plans of the former culé player and that of Barranquilla came to light: Piqué was going to travel to Colombia this weekend to pick up his children and spend two weeks with them, but it will finally be Shakira who has moved with both to Barcelona.

According to Lorena Vázquez, Piqué had already prepared the ticket and suitcases when they informed him that Shakira would be the one who would fly to Barcelona this Sunday to bring her children. Milan and Sasha will stay with their father for two weeks, as planned, until June 19.

The agreement reached by the former couple in relation to the custody of the children is not working, since she would not entirely agree that the father spends 66% of the vacation periods with the children. In fact, if this point were respected, the children would have to stay by their father’s side much longer than these June days that now await them ahead.