Shakira assures that she has not (yet) let go of everything she has inside and warns: “I am a wounded wolf”

The Colombian singer, who does not close the sentimental ‘wound’ that she left Gerard Piqué, attended Billboard’s Latin Music Week this Wednesday, which was held in Miami Beach. Not happy with Congratulations, Monotony, Session 53, TGC o The boss, Shakira Make sure you haven’t emptied the magazine yet.

“There are many things I want to say, things to try musically, but the time will come,” he said at the event. The one from Barranquilla assures that she is “very inspired” and “with desire.”

Music, as he has explained on other occasions, has been his particular “catharsis” to “get out of the mud”: “It turns out that I was less fragile than I thought and music has been my main survival tool.” From everything that happened, Milan and Sasha’s mother draws a lesson: “I was surprised by the possibility of being able to make lemonade with the sourest lemons.”

About the phenomenon of Session 53the song in which he is most forceful against Piqué, Clara Chia and her former mother-in-law explained: “They told me change the lyrics, that can’t come out, and I answered that I am not a United Nations diplomat, I am a woman, a wounded wolf.”

Shakira’s life took a turn after announcing her high-profile breakup in June of last year and beginning to vent through her songs. The last, The bossin which he launches a devastating blow against his former father-in-law, Joan Pique: “There’s still my ex-father-in-law who hasn’t set foot in the grave.” In the video clip, the nanny of her children also appears, Melgar to me. According to what she claims in the song, Piqué fired her without paying her the corresponding compensation: “Lili Melgar, this song is for you, they didn’t pay you compensation.”

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The artist has been living with her two children in Miami since April. There she decided to move to close a chapter of her life and focus on her artistic career: “Being in Barcelona was practically alone (…) Every time I had an idea, I had to wait for the producer to be in Europe and feel like going to Barcelona. It was all very slow and many ideas were left in the dark. I was left unable to execute many of my plans. Now being here, close to so many colleagues, producers and musicians and friends, is a great motivation,” he lamented this Wednesday at the same event. Piqué, for his part, traveled to Miami a few days ago to spend time during the agreement with the two little ones.