Shakira and Piqué only speak to each other through their lawyers, who are already negotiating their children’s Christmas holidays.

There are those who insist that the relationships between Shakira y Gerard Piqué They are as conflictive as when their breakup became known, followed by a complicated separation in an endless battle.

Since at the end of 2022, they finally signed an agreement on the future of their children, after months of fruitless negotiations between lawyers, Ramon Tamborerothe defender of the former player and Pilar Mañéthe Colombian’s lawyer, whom she fired shortly after, the only topic that the singer and the former Barcelona fan discuss is about their children’s vacations, Milan y Sashawho reside with their mother in Miami, since the artist left Barcelona and went to live in the United States.

In principle, the children live in Florida all year round, Piqué can visit them every 10 days and the father has the right to more time with them on vacation. This agreement has been signed in the Barcelona Court and Piqué’s lawyer is working to have it ratified in the Miami court, so that there is no possibility of the mother changing it at her whim, something that has not happened until now.

The only thing that can alter this agreement depends on the school calendar, which has different dates in Catalonia and Miami, something that affects the children’s stay with both. Hence those dates have to be adjusted. And their respective lawyers are in charge of that both in Barcelona and Miami. There is no direct contact between the former soccer player and the Latin music star, nor has there been, and surely there will not be for a long time. They don’t talk to each other, they don’t talk, but the situation is calm. Shakira has had no choice but to accept that the man who was the man of her life is in love with Clara Chia. And Piqué takes with indifference and even humor the supposed romances of the mother of his children, with characters like Lewis Hamiltonthe basketball player Jimmy Butler or the canadian rapper Drake.

The issue that their lawyers are now negotiating is about the children’s Christmas holidays. While in Spain, schoolchildren do not return to class until after January 7, in the United States there is no Three Kings holiday and schools reopen their doors on January 2.

Those tensions that some media publish do not exist. Piqué and the Colombian manage to reach agreements for the good of their children, which is ultimately the only thing that matters to both of them.