SEVILLA-VALENCIA The 'Seville hurricane' devastates a delivered Valencia

Sevilla will be in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey after having lived against Valencia what has probably been their most placid match of the season. The premises were a gale in the first half and sentenced which a priori was the most attractive tie in less than 45 minutes. Valencia was powerless, chasing shadows at all times, and even had to give thanks that Sevilla chose not to delve into their opponent's wound and settled for 3-0.

The eleven headlines were the first thermometer to measure who bet more on the Copa del Rey. Lopetegui introduced three changes in the line-up that is already recited by heart in Seville. Gudelj, Munir and De Jong gave rest to Fernando, Ocampos and En Nesyri, the team's top scorer, respectively. Gracia, for her part, opted for a greater rotation before traveling, since she left Guedes at home, in addition to Correia, who forced her to arrive on time but was ultimately unavailable. Later, the Valencia coach opted to leave starters such as Doménech, Gayà, Carlos Soler or Maxi Gómez on the bench.

Seville Shield / Flag

The fact is that the one who went out asleep was a Seville that Valencia did not have to press too hard to cause absurd losses when the ball was released. But that did not translate into clear occasions and the trend changed in how long it took Suso to catch the ball. The man from Cádiz, in a state of grace, generated three occasions out of nowhere in eight minutes that served as a preamble for the 1-0 Sevilla. The scoreboard was opened with an unappealable header from De Jong after beating Racic on a corner kick thrown to perfection by Acuña. The set piece, as happened in the last league game played against Cádiz, was again giving results to Lopetegui.

Sevilla smelled the blood of their rival and strove to extend the lead on the scoreboard. It was not a harassment and demolition, because of the pressure he went ahead and the ball always circled the Valencia area. De Jong warned with a shot that was shortly before signing his goalscoring double. The Dutchman had the honor of putting the signature to a spectacular mover in which Sevilla came out of Bono touching the ball and risking passes until he disarmed Valencia. The ball passed through almost all the players who wore white before ending up staying inside Rivero's goal. If the match was already uphill, the visitors were now facing slopes worthy of a mountain pass in the special category of the Tour de France.

Valencia Shield / Flag

But the ramp was going to end up turning into a vertical wall before the break, when Rakitic drew a Vaseline worthy of a natural bullfighting, taking advantage of the negligence of the Valencian defense to make it 3-0. It was the 38th minute and the tie was sentenced by the manifest superiority of Sevilla over Valencia, who drew some pride before the break to try to disturb Bono taking advantage of the relaxation of the locals by the result. But the attempt was left at that and Del Cerro concluded the Calvary of Gracia indicating the end of the first half.

The second half did not have the slightest history, mainly because it was played at a training pace. No non-aggression pact was signed, since if Sevilla did not extend their advantage it was because neither Jordán nor Idrissi nor Munir had their sights calibrated. It seemed that even inadvertently Sevilla could create danger, while Valencia at no time believed they were even trying to score the goal of honor. Further, Gracia moved token before Lopetegui to give his holders a rest ahead of the next league match. There was the only bad news of the night for Sevilla, since Jesús Navas broke down when, probably, he should have been resting for some time.

The change carousel did not change the tiring pace of a second half that should not have interested even the fans of both teams. Sevilla did their homework on the fast track, devastating Valencia You must wonder how you have been light years away from your rival in such a short time.


Vicente Esquerdo (52 ', Gabriel Paulista), Molina Gutierrez (52 ', Uros Racic), Oliver Torres (62 ', Suso), Oussama Idrissi (62 ', Joan Jordán), Rekik (66 ', Jesús Navas), Aleix Vidal (67 ', Marcos Acuña), Youssef En-Nesyri (84 ', Luuk de Jong), Yunus Musah (89 ', Koba Koindredi)


1-0, 19 ': Luuk de Jong, 2-0, 32 ': Luuk de Jong, 3-0, 37 ': Rakitic


Marcos Acuña (61 ', Yellow) Aleix Vidal (79 ', Yellow) Munir (91 ', Yellow