Sevilla has already spent 50 million euros

He Seville, despite the economic crisis that warns Monchi in the markets derived from the pandemic of Covid-19, has already invested a little more than 50 million euros for the 20-21 season, being the third Spanish club in terms of spending at the moment after Barcelona and the Athletic.

The signing of the Argentine frames
Acuna, closed in the absence of the club giving it official status, will report to the Andalusian entity an expenditure of 10 million euros plus another 2 in variables and join the incorporations of Rakitic and Oscar
Rodriguez, as well as the investments that the Seville has had to do with Suso and Bond, who will remain in property after their assignment periods. In the case of the Cadiz, in his contract with the Milan the obligation to exercise the purchase option (worth 21 million) was specified through a clause in the event that Sevilla qualified for the Champions
League, a circumstance that was fulfilled when the Lopetegui fourth in the league. Bond, meanwhile, will stay in Nerve when paying the Seville about 4.5 million to Girona, club for which he was on loan.

Finally, the additions of Oscar
Rodriguez and Rakitic, in the section of investment by transfer, they have involved an expense of almost 15 million fixed the Madrid and slightly more than 1.5 the Croat, whose higher cost for the Seville arrives in your file.

Waiting for the Real Madrid move, Monchi has been one of the most animated the market and only Barcelona and Athletic exceed it, mainly due to their investments in Pjanic and Morata.