Seven soccer players released who were forced to beg and prostitute

The Civil Guard has released this Wednesday seven South American soccer players in the Cadiz town of Prado del Rey, in the framework of the 'Promises' operation, which has resulted in the arrest of three people, according to the local media 'La Voz de Cádiz'.

These players, one of them underage, practiced as footballers in their home countries and they were deceived when they were promised a job and a record in a Spanish team. However, upon arrival in Spain they were forced to engage in prostitution and were even forced to beg for subsistence.

In the 'Promises' operation, the Civil Guard has managed to dismantle this organization related to trafficking in human beings to exploit them sexually. The modus operandi of this organization consisted of sending scouts to capture players with a remarkable physique who were made to pay for the trip with the promise that they would get the money back.

However, upon arrival in Spain, the documentation and money were taken from them and they were forced to have sexual relations in homosexual circles. Members of the organization took the young people to the houses and, after collecting, took the money from them and threatened to tell their families about their current situation. “They had them confined in a house and were only allowed to relate to each other, living in poverty and begging to survive. They did not even have that sexual inclination,” they affirmed from the armed institute.