Setién de Sarabia: “I am worried about the forms, not the background”

Quique Setién, coach of Barcelona, ​​appeared at a press conference before the match against Real Sociedad and spoke again of the comments of his assistant, Eder Sarabia, on the bench during the Classic last Sunday.

How can it influence that the Real comes from qualifying for a final?

You never know, but as I always tell you, you have to wait for the best version of the rival. It is an extraordinary team that does things well. We expect a committed party, with difficulties. And I understand that it complicates Barça.

Can you explain what Eder Sarabia has done wrong that deserves an apology to the players?

This topic does not give much more of itself. Eder Sarabia the only thing he has done wrong is the ways in which he has expressed himself, which I don't like. The interpretation that people can make of screaming … It is normal to scream. I love that and it doesn't worry me. I care about shapes and that is what I have to clarify. When we have apologized, we have apologized because I believe there are words that should not be used. In the rest, everyone understands that the first coach screams and the second one too. And that players accept the screams when they are to encourage. But we have the obligation to keep the forms because there are children watching us and education must prevail in people who are exposed and permanently leave the media. You have to take care of the forms. Because the important thing is the forms, not the bottom.

Are you worried that the noise of defeat against Madrid complicates the relationship with the players a little more?

Absolutely. Defeat is always an option. It is painful, but it is always an option. And we are prepared to overcome frustrations. You have to get up and get ahead as in a lifetime. The people who play sports are clear. Like everything in life, one has to gain trust. When you have a resume like the one that most of these players have, they have won everything and someone new comes, because look what you can contribute. Some are more confident, others have a harder time. But those are the things of life. I have to convince them that with my knowledge I can help them. The reality is that there are no more things than you want to look for.

How long will Arthur be off?

In principle, there is pain, discomfort, and treatment has been initiated. You have to be aware of how it evolves. I can not say more.

What do you fear most about tomorrow's game, the Real or the environment?

I am calm, because we are going to face the game having surpassed that of the other day. We are convinced that there were phases in which we did things well, but we generated seven clear goal chances in which we could score. We are in a good line, but it will not affect us. We are still there and we hope to make a great match. We are one point away from the leader, there are many games left and we will be there.

Will we see from tomorrow a different Eder Sarabia?

It will be as always. Only you have to control and change the shapes. Control some aspects and that's it. This does not give more of itself.

You in your presentation said something like how you had admired these players but that the role had to be clear. Do you have trouble governing the costumes?

I don't know what you rely on to say we have no control over the costumes. We have no problem inside the locker room. This is an oil raft. And they are accepting it in an extraordinary way. They have to work to carry out what we propose. There are many things that are improving. They are objective data, that we have them, we handle them and put them on the table; Our relationship is extraordinary. Although some are not interested.

Are you reassured that both you and Madrid have to fail? Does Piqué agree that it was one of the worst in Madrid?

It is very difficult for both teams to win everything because the League is very complicated. And it is hard for us to win the games for us, Madrid and any team. I understand that we are well, motivated. Regarding Gerard's opinion, he can see some things, I can see others … or the same.

Do you feel that instead of 52 days it takes many more?

It has become very short. This has happened so fast that I feel sorry for not being able to enjoy it more. So clear. I would like this to last a lifetime.

What has surprised you in positive and negative of Barça?

When I see an activity, a fund, I appreciate the enormous quality of these players. I loved everyone's attitude, because one has always had doubts about how it would be to manage a wardrobe and it was easier than I thought. I had no need to give a single shout. My way of acting is to convince. This is my way of being. I generally have not had problems handling the locker room. And in negative, I have not seen anything.

Do you see favorite?

You cannot say there is a favorite because this varies every week. The important thing is the sensations, the continuity. Sorry to insist but I am very happy to have generated seven very clear chances at the Bernabéu. It is clear that it depends on putting it or not. And the goal of Madrid comes from a rejection of Piqué. And our play with Martin (Braithwaite) is the same, but it doesn't go to the door. For the results it may be important, but I trust other things. And it is very positive to have generated seven opportunities. Soccer players are not stupid. I repeat it. We had seven clear chances in Madrid.

How is this coronavirus collective psychosis living?

There are more competent people, but you seem to have to know everything. I don't understand those questions about things you don't control. But how do you have to ask something …

What about Ansu Fati?

We contemplate it as an option that will be there, or that will always be there. Ansu is an important player. It does many things well, others have to improve them. But we have him and I am very happy with his work.

Does it make sense to play behind closed doors for the coronavirus? How would that live?

I played as a player without a public and it was very sad. The environment that is generated, especially when you play at home, the momentum, the stimulus are important. But these are issues on which we will have to pay attention to the competent authorities. It's a bit sad, but if you have to do it, you have to do it.

Messi has not scored in six of the last seven games. Are you worried?

It does not worry me. Man, if you check, the better. But not that it can happen to Leo, but to any player. The reality is that occasions are having. And that is the important thing, that occasions are generated. That in a specific period do not write down, it does not matter.