Setback for Juan José Ballesta: the judge knocks down his attempt to file the sexual assault complaint

“I’m innocent. I don’t know her at all, I don’t know who this woman is. This is crazy but I have nothing to hide because I haven’t done anything.” These were the statements of Juan José Ballesta just a week ago after giving a statement in the Parla Courts regarding the complaint of a 47-year-old woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by him last July.

The lawyer of the protagonist of The ball requested the dismissal and archiving of the case based on the absence of evidence or indications and the contradictions incurred by the alleged victim, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and has changed his version of the events on several occasions.

However, and as we have just learned, the judge has dashed Juan José Ballesta’s hopes of turning the page after this unpleasant event in which he maintains his innocence. Denying her defense’s request to file the complaint, the judge has also requested the recordings of Parla Street where the actor allegedly sexually assaulted this woman on the night of July 20. Facts that he continues to flatly deny.

In the car to which you have had access Europa Press, the judge rejects the request for dismissal made by the actor’s defense in the hands of the criminal law firm Ospina Abogados. And at the request of the alleged victim’s lawyer, Juan Manuel Medina, he has requested from the bank the recordings of the security cameras from the day of the proceedings. According to the complainant, the sexual assault occurred at an ATM.

A few days ago, the judge denied imposing a restraining order on the actor and the other under investigation, considering that the victim’s own account of events has “certain contradictions.” They also consider that “an objective situation of risk” for the victim of the crime under investigation has not been proven.