Series A: Two South Korean fans, compensated with 280 euros for the substitution of Cristiano Ronaldo in a friendly | Serie A 2019



Series A - Juventus v Fiorentina

Cristiano Ronaldo, in a match with Juventus.

A court of South Korea has ordered the organizer of a party to compensate two fans after Cristiano Ronaldo did not play a friendly game last summer after the visit of the Juventus to the Asian country.

The Portuguese player remained on the bench throughout the match and these two followers demanded a compensation. Their complaint has been admitted and now they will have to be compensated with 371,000 won (283.67 euros) according to the sentence.

The judge has estimated the complaint by considering that the friendly party advertising, which faced in Sel to Juventus with a team 'All Star' of the South Korean League, showcase Cristiano Ronaldo as the main claim and finally did not get to step on the grass.

Fans had demanded compensation, arguing that the local marketing agency 'The Fasta', which organized the friendly party, had guaranteed Ronaldo's appearance, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

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