Sergio: “We must have the look of the tiger”

The coach of Cadiz, Sergio Gonzalezappeared at a press conference on Saturday morning and analyzed his rival next Saturday, the Elche. A duel with dyes of the end because the competition time is running out and the yellows still have to close the permanence. It is clear that the fans will be key.

Cadiz Shield/Flag

How does the template arrive?. “The team is aware that there is less and less time left and that at home we have been left with a thorn in the side although we have competed well. We want to get it out with a victory in front of our fans. It is the first opportunity we have to do so and we hope to achieve it”.

The team has to go all out to stop an Elche who wants to close his permanence. “This is what has to happen. Elche is going to come strong, to play its game but we are the most needy. That is not a message because the footballers understand the situation. That look of the tiger must be ours”.

The fans will be a key support for the yellows to put everything on the field. “Naturally. That’s something that goes with the job. When they receive you that way, it’s a rush that makes you take a step forward. That shouldn’t overwhelm us but give us confidence. We have to be intense but not go crazy. show that desire to want to do it and that we feed each other and the fans. We have to see which team of the two has more at stake”.

Elche’s drawing may change, but Sergio doesn’t worry, who already has his plans for the game against Elche. “We have our game plan and we have to be prepared for the alternatives that the rival may propose. We have worked nuances for those possibilities. In the last games Elche has won reliability. He has absences but if he wants to maintain the structure of the team he will do it and if you want to modify it too. We have to choose what we will do with everything we have worked on during the week based on that”.

About the Elche that awaits tomorrow at the Nuevo Mirandilla. “We expect the best Elche. They know that the more points they get, the better for them and that happens by achieving victory against us. We are going to find the best version of each of their players and that is how we have worked. Every game in the First Division It’s good for something, whether or not you’ve done your homework. If we push well, we’re intense, we win duels, we’re daring, we’ll have a good chance of winning the game”.