Sergio Rico is expecting a child with Alba Silva after the biggest drama of his life: “Before the accident we lost a baby”

The best of news arrives for Sergio Rico y Alba Silva. After leaving behind a turbulent year, marked by the serious accident that the PSG goalkeeper suffered while riding a horse in El Rocío, the 30-year-old footballer and the influencer of the same age are waiting for their first common child.

Alba herself has confirmed it: “The baby has been searched for and we are super happy. After everything we have been through, this news is a gift. Especially for Sergio, who is very excited”he said in Holain her second month of pregnancy. “We are happy and very grateful for life”, he added. Regarding this special moment that they are experiencing, he also explained: “We told the family about it last week. On Sunday we went to spend the weekend in Sanlúcar la Mayor (Seville), and I told my mother. It has been a great joy for everyone“.

Until now they had not made it public for a compelling reason: “We have delayed telling it because we want to be prudent. Before Sergio's accident, we lost a baby. Now we are afraid that it could happen again. “We are nervous, but very excited.”

The Sevillian goalkeeper continues to recover from the serious accident he suffered at the end of May last year: “Every day I am much better. I feel that my body is back to what it was before, I would say that I have recovered to 90%. In There is no other idea in my head than to be a professional goalkeeper again, all the doctors told me that I could return without a problem,” he said in January in an interview with DAZN. It must be remembered that he was hospitalized for more than 80 days (26 of them in an end-of-life coma) and lost almost 20 kilos. “If the doctors weren't afraid that I wouldn't be able to come back, why would I be?”he also noted.

Of his admission, he only remembers that one day he dreamed about his deceased father: “There were two streets, I was going in one direction and I saw my father in the other. I called him 'Dad, dad!', but He didn't respond to me. I have talked about it with friends who are dedicated to psychology and what they have told me is that it was not my time yet,” he said then.

The return of the double Europa League champion with Sevilla is still uncertain due to what happened, but according to the doctors and he himself, at 30 years old he will be able to return to the playing field at a professional level. Sergio and Alba got married in June 2022, in the capital of Seville, after six years of dating. Now, they give us the best news.