Sergio Ramos messes it up at the April Fair: his bodyguards push his fans away

The footballer from Camas has taken a few days off at Paris Saint-Germain to enjoy one of the most important events for any Sevillian: the April Fair. Of course, the ‘peace’ has lasted Sergio Ramos less than 48 hours and this Thursday has become the center of all criticism. The reason? The performance of his bodyguard in El Real.

Several people have shared through social networks how the husband of pilar rubio He arrived at the fair this Wednesday accompanied by two men who were watching over his safety. The images show how both push away several young people who try to get closer to greet the footballer, who completely ignores them. One of these users even assures that they tried to throw his mobile phone to the ground with a slap: “When you meet Sergio Ramos and his security is pushing you and slapping you to throw your mobile. Postscript: if you do not want to be recorded , stay at home and stay out of the fair”, they say.

@pel8____ When you meet Sergio Ramos and his security is pushing and slapping you to throw your cell phone at you. POSDATA IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE RECORDED STAY AT HOME AND DON’T GO INTO THE FAIR.#feriadeabril2023#salseo#sergioramos4????????#viralvideos #sevillana##sevilla#famoso#famosostiktok#telecinco#salvame?? ??????#socialite#yaesmediodia#salvamedeluxe#futbol?? ? original sound – Vane Caro

The footballer is enjoying the fair with his friends and family but away from Pilar Rubio, a detail that has sparked rumors of a crisis between them. The same presenter denied them although she threw a little pull: “I don’t like the April Fair, I am more of the Book Fair.”