Sergio Peris-Mencheta’s emotional farewell before his bone marrow transplant: “I take you with me to the next life”

Sergio Peris-Mencheta, the renowned actor who revealed his battle with leukemia earlier this year, has shared a deeply moving moment ahead of his upcoming surgery. In an emotional mass video call that lasted more than three hours, the actor brought together more than 140 friends and family from all over the world to share confidences, express love and recharge their batteries before his bone marrow transplant operation.

From Spain to Canada, the United States, Mexico, Cambodia, Australia, France, England and Argentina, his loved ones joined the call to form a fundamental support for Peris-Mencheta at this crucial moment in his life. Through his Instagram profile, the actor shared an emotional video from his hospital bed, showing the screen full of beloved faces who came together to give him strength and support: “More than 140 friends who for more than 3 hours said goodbye to this Sergio who today, May 28, begins a new life cycle”wrote the 49-year-old actor.

He also thanked each and every one of those people for continuing to be by his side at this time: “Thank you for stopping by this virtual “kobra empire” of emotions and memories. Thank you for listening, everything went very well and without moderators! Thank you for the warmth, love and faith. Today I celebrate my life. And I take you with me to the next one. Impossible to close your eyes tonight and not see this mosaic of smiles and tears of love. life is this“.

Shortly before entering the operating room, the interpreter has ‘said goodbye’ to all his followers until further notice: “Day Zero Ground Zero. Today, May 28, is also World Blood Cancer Day, a date to raise awareness to the population about these diseases that affect the blood. Today, I also said goodbye to dad 10 years ago (he died on the 30th). And today is my rebirth. At 9pm Marta and I reach the summit. Well equipped mentally, physically and lovingly for the descent, which they say is hard and dangerous. Thank you all for being there.”