Sergio Peris-Mencheta makes an appeal from the hospital after announcing that he has cancer: “Become a bone marrow donor”

The actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta announced early last week that he has cancer and will need a bone marrow transplant. Days later, the actor Afterclass has published a message from the hospital to raise awareness about the importance of having donors. She remains at City of Hope Hospital in Los Angeles, where she is receiving treatment for her illness.

Along with a photograph in which he appears in the center's hallways with his partner, actress Marta Solaz, he has written: “Thousands of messages that are impossible to answer but are pure energy to continue”. And he added: “Many of these messages offer help. And this is the message from my doctors: if you want to help, become a bone marrow donor”. In the image, she appears wearing a coat over her hospital nightgown.

Next, the 48-year-old Madrid interpreter raised awareness about the process: “The bone marrow and stem cell donation process is simple. There are many misconceptions about bone marrow and stem cell donation, especially that it is burdensome or painful. But Thanks to advances in technology, the donation process is much simpler than before“.

In this sense, he has offered a series of data: “Millions of people are already included in the international registry, which allows 90% of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant to find a compatible donor. The more people who sign up, the more chances there are of finding compatibility for all those who need it.“.

In his post, Peris-Mencheta encouraged people to access the José Carreras Foundation (against leukemia) to find information on the matter and stated: “Thank you for reading this far. Spread the word if it bothers you. We continue. #PasoaPaso”. This foundation was created more than thirty years ago by the singer José Carreras after suffering from leukemia in 1987. In December, the artist turned 77 years old.

Pérez-Mencheta has the unconditional support of his partner, with whom he has raised his family. “I am like only those who have experienced a situation similar to mine know. I feel more vulnerable, terrified and tiny than ever.and for a few months now valuing each of my steps on earth,” he wrote last week in the publication in which he announced his illness.

Then he received a wave of support from anonymous users on social networks and also from colleagues, such as his colleagues from the legendary youth series, from Rubén Ochandiano, Victor Clavijo, Carmen Morales, Cristina Castaño and Alejo Sauras a Raquel Meroño o Fernando Andina. In this new post, she has also received messages from other well-known faces such as Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Marisa Jara, Ana Wagener, Andrea Guasch, Iker Casillas o Tristan Ullua. “Come on,” the latter writes.