Sergio Pellicer: “This is a very big game”

Visit of an applicant for promotion. “Every game is very complicated, I have told the players. Winning each game is like celebrating a title, it costs a lot. We go with that idea to continue with the continuity of the last matches. Each game costs a lot to add, we must remember the game of Las Palmas, what was the suffering to get something positive. We are looking forward and brave. ”

Víctor Fernández has praised Málaga. “This team has a master's degree in praise and criticism. I think flattery weakens and criticism hardens. We have taken a step and now we have to be alert for when those more complicated moments come, that arrive as late as possible. ”

Equidistance of Malaga with the lower and upper areas. “We do not look at the month, but it is clear that with these four games the team can think that it can look to one side or another. This competition devours, is a crusher. In that speech we have to continue. The data make us optimistic in being able to add and add. We can't look beyond the Zaragoza game. ”

Match Rating. “Zaragoza is in direct ascent and with very good dynamics. The party says it all, it's very big. Zaragoza is a team of which everything is said. During this year he has not lost. Especially in attack has a lot of effectiveness, it is a team that plays very well. Very clear concepts. Sometimes when he doesn't play well as in the last game (against Racing) he also adds up. That means it is in a very positive dynamic. ”

About Víctor Fernández. “He is a coach with a lot of experience, I think he is the active coach with the most matches in Primera. When I played in juveniles I already trained. A reference for many. He has a lot of experience, he is the active coach with the most matches in Primera. But all the words that come from outside must be clear and our message has to be internal, and it is to know what it costs every day. The rest distracts. You have to be on alert. Because when you are well quickly someone comes to put you in your place “

More on Sunday's rival. “Zaragoza is a historic club that has 52 points, more than the previous season. Its objective is clear that it is to fight for the ascent ”.

Responsibility. “We play at home, we always have that point in favor. Because of the difference in points, Zaragoza seems to be more favorite, but at home we have a plus of motivation. Here teams have to sweat a lot to be able to add. We have to work all aspects, we are working positional attacks as well. Each party has a different context. They are very strong, they feel very comfortable with the ball. Our idea is to attack, play in the opposite field and try to be protagonists especially in our stadium. We will need as of now the encouragement of the fans. There will be times when it will make us be in our own field. I have to congratulate the group every week because the workouts are being brutal. ”

Next FIFA Virus. “Is very far. When the week starts the coach thinks about Sunday's team, the training of the next day. Day by day makes us the decision maker. When I have to come, it will come. Other soccer players will appear. That is all season long. ”

Aaron Ñíguez. “We have to value the day to day and the context of the match. If it is in this match or in the next one we will decide it today. He is an experienced player, even in First and that will provide the team with a lot of versatility and versatility in all positions. It gives other mechanisms in positional attack, it has a good hit with a stopped ball ”.

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