Sergio González: “On Friday we have a vital game”

Real's coach Valladolid, Sergio González, has warned this Thursday, in a telematic press conference, that although the team is “out of relegation”, the “should be being the defensive plot”, which is what it “prioritizes”, to “return to the origins”, to recover its essence.

It is clear that so many goals cannot be conceded, and we are starting with A to return to being that solid team in defense, since in the second round we can be more decisive if it is achieved. We are positive and we continue working on it to correct those mistakes and be more effective, “he explained.

The news of the day It was the arrival of Kenan Kodro to Real Valladolid, a player who “is perfectly ready to compete”, as confirmed by the Catalan coach, who has acknowledged that the team I needed “a striker to put competitiveness, and that the flow of goals is greater and there are more game alternatives “.

“He is a player who knows the league, has experience, physically tall, with a style of football that can help, offensive presence, ability to uncheck, humility and desire to grow and vindicate themselves, so you have to ensure that they have confidence in the group to help them achieve the goal, “he said.

It is the only thing he has commented on the winter market, since it is already confirmed, since, in his opinion “it would be ugly to get into this issue”, when on Friday the team “has a vital game“and” no one has to have interference in their head “, because” those who are, are the ones who have to take it forward, “he added.

In Huesca they consider this meeting “more than a final”, what it shares Sergio Gonzalez, because although Real Valladolid is “better positioned”, they are aware that there will be “a before and after” of this clash, with which “the responsibility is maximum to face it.”

He has wanted send “a virtual hug” to Pacheta, “a good coach, close and accessible”, to whom he wished “the best”, after tomorrow's game: “he is a hard worker and the opportunity has come, so I am glad,” he said.

His arrival has meant putting a line of 5-2-2-1 in attack and a 5-4-1 in defense, “more solidity at the defensive level, playing not to fit in to grow” and Real Valladolid must be “attentive” to “change guidance “and to” find holes to hurt him “as they are now” more solid in their area. “

Sergio knows that this system, with five defenses “does not“It suits his team well,” it does not give a feeling of strength “, but he has not wanted to” give clues “about the weapons he has prepared to face this tactical scheme, which he hopes will” correct mistakes “and” do damage “to the Huesca.

As for the casualties for this appointment, there are that of Roque Mesa, which must serve sanction, Jota, Janko, Kiko Olivas, Marcos André, Raúl Carnero and Miguel Rubio, but get back to The Yamiq and Bruno regarding the last game.

After be eliminated from the Cup “the relevant hours have passed mourning, and it has been discussed and analyzed to improve concentration, normally, although they are atypical errors that are committed and we must insist on them so that they do not happen again, “he clarified.