Sergio García 'copies' Nadal

Changing roles. If Rafa Nadal will leave the racket on the chair and hold the golf club in the Balearic Professional Championship, his friend Sergio García will do the same and will park the putt to get into a tennis court and play a tennis tournament, in the doubles mode and together with former professional tennis player Amer Delic, in the US.

The man from Castellón has signed up for the HEB Pro Tennis Open in Austin (Texas), an event that is part of the Dropshot series of tournaments and that begins on Sunday with the Bosnian-American who became 60 in the world in 2007.

“I can't wait, friend! No matter what happens, we'll have a lot of fun,” answered the man from Castellón to Delic's funny tweet announcing the participation of both: “2020 is so wacky that I've decided to sign up for a doubles tournament in Austin and the craziest thing my partner will be. Unlike your putt, here you may have to keep your eyes open to serve. “