Sergio Canales, a dangerous 'temptation' for Cholo Simeone

On Sunday an Atlético arrives in Heliópolis under pressure to maintain the leadership, although Betis is not much less in need, immersed in the fight for 5th place right now. Simeone he knows what it's like to lose recently at Villamarín, because it happened to him two seasons ago and with a penalty goal … from Sergio Canales, a footballer very much liked by Cholo, by the way. The Cantabrian, who is experiencing the best moment of his career and is aiming for the European Championship, has been linked to the colchoneros several times in recent years.

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* Data updated as of April 7, 2021

Above all, at the end of 2018-19, when Sergio finished the first of his campaigns at Benito Villamarín. Before the end of that year and due to the siren songs, Betis raised his salary and renewed him until 2023.

After a dazzling end of 2020-start of 2021, in which he scored eight of his nine goals this season (7 in the League and 2 in the Cup), Canales seems to have lowered its benefits somewhat in recent weeks although it continues to be one of the pillars in this competitive Betis de Pellegrini. The Santander player shone more in the midfield than now, closer to the rival area, a position in which the Chilean coach has placed him in the most recent games.

Betis will need to cash in anyway at the end of the season. Above all, with capital gains. One of the few that can safely leave more money than it cost is precisely Canales, as he arrived free from the Royal Society in the summer of 2018. Just turned 30, there will be clubs (perhaps Atlético, again) willing to put up several million euros on the table for him.