Sergi Roberto: “Right now I'm not considering going to another team”


The player and captain of FC Barcelona Sergi Roberto has assured that his intention is to stay at Can Barça and that he is not considering leaving, although in the future he would like to try the experience of playing in the United States, and has reiterated his confidence in his former teammate and current coach, Xavi Hernández.

“I'm not thinking about retiring, I'm 31 years old. I'm very comfortable with Xavi, I have all his confidence. Right now I want to go year after year and I'm not considering going to another team,” he said in an interview on the B3TTER podcast.

In it, the man from Reus assured that in the future he would “like to try” the MLS, the United States league in which, among others, his former teammates Leo Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba are playing.

For now, his focus is on Barça and continuing to make his childhood dream come true. “For me, Barça is everything. I've been a member of Barça since I was little, so being in the club of your life is something unique. I can't imagine playing for another club,” she reiterated.

“I never imagined that I could play football as a professional, I'm not telling you at Barça, because I've been a 'culer' since I was little. It's something you can never imagine. All my free time was for football,” he said.

And, as his father assures, there is only one possible exit from Barça. “With my father we always say it, they have to kick you out of Barça. Where am I going to be better? Playing for your club is the most beautiful thing there is,” he commented.

On a personal level, he returns to the team after a long injury. “In football one day you are the best in the world and another day you are injured, for 10 months and you go through very hard moments. It is a roller coaster, that is why when you are at the top you should not believe that you are the best in the world and when you are in moments difficult times you have to know that better moments are going to come,” he commented on the pressure of an elite player.

Regarding his beginnings, he explained that his debut with the first team is not what many people think. “They say I made my debut at the Bernabéu, but there I made my debut in the Champions League. My debut was a few days or weeks before I made my debut in the Copa del Rey in a match against Ceuta at the Camp Nou. Messi was coming back from injury and when I went out to warm up With him, all the fans started shouting 'Leo, Leo'. It was special and unique and I will always remember it,” he said.

Regarding Messi and his departure from FC Barcelona, ​​he claimed not to have understood it. “Leo has been the best player in the world for many years due to his level of demand. When Messi left, it shocked me a lot. Neither I nor my teammates expected it. I don't know how everything happened but for me it was a total shock,” he acknowledged. .