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A judicial administrator run the club upon detecting evidence of crime in the acts of the sheikh and his family. The measure is adopted for a period of six months that can be extended

Al Thani, during the trial of the 'BlueBay case' a year ago.

The sheikh Al thani ceases to be in charge of the management of Mlaga CF. The holder of the Court of Instruction No. 14 of Mlaga has estimated the precautionary measures requested by the Treasury, the Association of Small Shareholders (APA) and the City Council and in a public order car this Thursday has decided that a judicial administrator stands at the head of the club. A measure that, initially, has a period of six months that seeks to prevent the continuing crimes committed by the National Police.

“The facts that are the subject of investigation in the present case reveal, in an indiciary manner, the alleged commission of a crime of unfair administration, misappropriation and money laundering, without prejudice to further qualification once more advanced the investigation that is being carried out “, affirms the instructor to justify her decision, which highlights” in a special way “the provisional report of the Section of Money Laundering of the National Police -incorporated to a piece declared secret – and the conclusions of the Public Ministry that draw the Nas Football SLU society as “an instrumental legal figure that only serves to try to hide and shield the physical person of its partner and sole administrator,” Sheikh Al Thani, ” who together with their children (…) they have served themselves for their own benefit, seriously damaging the heritage“from Mlaga CF.

“To achieve this goal, on behalf of the defendants, three loans have been signed on behalf of the club and in favor of the Nas Football SLU (…), not stating that the payment of the different repayment terms is being made” . Equally, cash outflows have been revealed in favor of children ranging between 20,000 and 585,173.83 euros.

Payment of “private activities”

The judge considers that these economic items are destined “to the payment of private activities” of the Al Thani, such as trips, hotels, travel agencies, private homes or the acquisition of private vehicles. Especially striking is the employment contract of a direct relative of the president of both companies as “scout of the women's football team, for which since March 1, 2017 he will receive a salary of about 80,000 euros per year.”

“It is clear” that these decisions are taken exclusively in their own interest and to improve their economic situation, all of this “despite having full knowledge of the very difficult economic situation that the Annual Sports Society (SAD) is going through – out of a contest of creditors just over a year ago. “

The “judicial administration shall be carried out for a period of six months, extending, where appropriate, for equal periods”, collects the car, which specifies that this measure reaches the management of Mlaga C.F. and to Nas Football SLU. “The administrator (…) must report to the Court of any incident, as well as collaborate with the Court”, and, “once the possession takes place, the current members of the Board of Directors will cease” .

The Al Thani, in addition, must deposit 5.4 million euros to face possible responsibilities.

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