Sebastián Yatra’s nervous laugh when asked about Aitana: “The one with the bangs…”

The Colombian artist has sat this Tuesday in the anthill to promote his latest work, A night without thinking. Very nice, Sebastian Yatra He has conquered the public with his anecdotes and live improvisation but, above all, he has proven to be a true ninja when it comes to dodging the bullets of Paul Motorcycles: “Do you know the father?”.

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It was the most anticipated question of the night after months of rumors about a possible sentimental relationship between the Colombian and the former de Miguel Bernardeau. “I know her, I know her,” she said between laughs. The presenter has punctured a little more: “She is a very cute girl, with bangs …”. “Yes, the one with the bangs,” Yatra joked.

Who has spoken of is Milena Smitwho stars in the singer’s latest video clip: “Since I saw her in parallel mothers I wanted to work with her. She is a great professional and working with her was a wonderful experience “. And that they filmed nudes in the middle of winter:” There are people who have very good ideas “, he said between laughs.” We were very cold “.

Yatra has explained that this album represents a new stage in his life: “I am living a lot, and then I sit down for four or five days to write and tell how I am seeing the world at this moment”.