Schumacher's wife denounces stolen photos of the bedridden pilot

MADRID, Jan. 22 (SportsFinding) –

The wife of the former Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, Corinna Schumacher, denounced this Wednesday the raid of her habitual residence in Geneva (Switzerland) of an individual they discovered taking photos of her bedridden husband.

Schumacher, whose recovery is one hundred percent private since he suffered a serious accident skiing six years ago, could have taken “small steps” as his wife explained recently. However, his image has not come to light since he suffered that fatal accident when he hit a rock.

Corinna has denounced the theft of some photos of her husband that have been put up for sale for more than a million euros, reveals the 'Daily Mirror'. According to the English newspaper the images show the German expilot bedridden. This newspaper ensures that the person who entered the house is “unknown” to the family.

The heptacampeón of Formula 1 – that has received very few visits since then – is in the care of his wife, who has explained on several occasions that Schumacher is “in the best hands” and that the family is doing “everything possible” to Help you in your rehabilitation.