Schism in the Premier League: Liverpool and Manchester United want to change English football

On Sunday he woke up agitated in England with the world exclusive of The Telegraph newspaper that states that Manchester United and Liverpool lead the “Project Big Picture”, a project aimed at change all the known bases of English football in recent years. According to the news, the idea is to reduce the number of teams in the Premier League so that it goes from 20 to 18 clubs in the highest step, while an amount of about 260 million euros would be paid as a ransom for the English Football League (where the second, third and fourth division teams are included) with the aim of helping in the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Liverpool Shield / Flag

Among the most prominent measures would be the abolition of the League Cup and the Community Shield or the inclusion of a promotion / relegation promotion between the 16th place in the Premier and the 3rd in the Championship, instead of the current playoff. In addition, also, new distribution rules in television income, a women's league independent of the Premier League or the Federation, a limit of 23 euros on the price of tickets for visiting fans or a league start at the end of August, among other changes.

Shield / Flag M. United

As reported The Telegraph, both Manchester United and Liverpool expect the other clubs of the 'Big Six', that is, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea Y Tottenham join the plan and that together with the other three who have been at the highest level for the longest time, which would be Everton, Southampton Y West Ham, they shared power in decision-making.

In the middle of the controversy, Rick parry, president of the English Football League, has expressed its support for this plan as one of the main protagonists of the negotiation and of the conversations between Liverpool Y Manchester United. However, everything has taken on a new speed since the team economy has been hit hard by the pandemic and the news that fans will not be able to return to the stadiums until March, in the best of cases, something that would return the income of the clubs to normal.

Without going any further, Parry gave a press conference today via Zoom explaining the situation: “We have to be realistic, maybe it won't happen. It is a plan that has been considering for years, But it has emerged in a way that was not planned“He acknowledged after the exclusive of The Telegraph.” The most obvious thing will be to descend to four teams and rise to two to reach the 18 teams in the Premier League.

The Premier League has responded forcefully in a statement: “We have seen today's news regarding a plan to restructure football in the country. English football is the most watched in the world and it has a competitive, dynamic and vibrant league system that interests everyone. To maintain this place we have to work together. From the point of view of Premier League, many of the individual proposals that have been published today could have a negative impact on football and it is disappointing that Rick parry, president of the English Football League, have given their support. “

But the news has also reached the British government, who has released his opinion through a spokesman: “We are surprised and disappointed because in a moment of crisis it seems that negotiations are brewing that would create a much more closed system in the football elite and that is very problematic.”