Scariolo: “Each player has given everything and that is a guarantee of competitiveness”


The national men’s basketball coach, Sergio Scariolo, celebrated once again that each of his players called up for these World Cup qualifying matches has put “everything” because that gives him “a guarantee of competitiveness” this Friday in his complicated away match against Italy.

“We have finished our preparation and I think that the players, as has practically always happened, have done well, they have shown seriousness, commitment, enthusiasm and energy, and regardless of the quality, talent or experience they may have, each one has put everything I could to arrive prepared for the game and that is a guarantee of competitiveness,” Scariolo said in statements provided by the FEB.

In any case, the player from Brescia does not forget that they play “away from home and against a top-level rival and on a field that will be very full.” “Everything will be up in the air and I hope we can compete,” the Italian coach wished.

In addition, he wants to continue in “the line of betting on the Spanish player and give alternatives to young people who come out of the quarry and when they deserve it, they take the step”, and also that “when a player demonstrates for different months and years that he can join by another way, do it”.

“But above all that we can feel proud of being able to compete without resorting to last-minute trips or conflicts with clubs, which we have considered out of our philosophy in these ‘windows’ and that has gone well for us because we have won most of the games and we have qualified without problems. This work and accumulated experience of these players, eight specifically, has allowed us to compete in the last Eurobasket and even win it”, he sentenced.

For his part, point guard Jaime Fernández recalled that “feelings are always good” when they meet again at an international level. “Returning with the family is always a source of pride and happiness and the work is being as always, well, the people with more experience and with the most internalized concepts and the others who are trying to help, but the essence is always similar when it comes to wear this shirt even if the players change,” he remarked.