Scandal with a Real Madrid figure: Jovic breached mandatory quarantine, escaped to Serbia and could be arrested

Last Thursday, March 12, Real Madrid basketball team player Trey Thompkins tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and the club Meringue He decided to put all the athletes who train at those same facilities in quarantine, including the stars of the first soccer team that Zinedine Zidane commands. It is not clear under what conditions, but the young scorer Luka Jovic got go to serbia, your country of origin, despite the restrictions.

The news broke out in the Serbian media in the last hours and is a scandal that included even the prime minister of that country. The information, contradictory by the way, indicates on the one hand that the 22-year-old striker arrived in the country in the last hours with the aim of celebrating the birthday of his partner and motivated by that, he broke the compulsory self-isolation that weighs on all citizens arriving in Serbia from risk areas. However, his father Milan assured that the athlete returned during the past week Y "he was examined in Spain where it was found that he was not infected ”, according to words that the local media replied Blic.

The only precision that exists in this regard is his latest story in Instagram where he uploaded a photo of his partner Sofija Milosevic and wrote:Happy Birthday love". However, in that storie of Instagram it does not make clear where it is. His last post on that social network, just a day before the positive of Thompkins was known, marked that he was in Madrid according to the location he placed. Sofija spoke on the matter, denied having held a celebration and chose not to give Jovic information: "Because of his contract, I can't say anything about him.".

The newspaper Kurir The bet went up, after assuring that he broke the rules of the Madrid club and the Serbian government. They detailed that the footballer escaped from Spain in a “Small private plane” and that the couple “Walked comfortably through the city and walked through restaurants”.

The cited Blic, who uncovered the scandal, claims that the authorities in Belgrade ordered to file a criminal complaint for violating the measures imposed for isolation. This is because the local Police didn't find it in the address where he declared that he would stay and they warn that if this situation is repeated, he will be arrested. "If Jovic continues to do the same thing next time, and if the Police can't find him at the place of residence, could be arrested and held in custodyA source in the case told the newspaper.

The attacker who started out in soccer in his country – and then went through Benfica of Portugal and Eintracht Frankfurt before joining Madrid – had to pass 14 days isolated according to the regulations that Serbia imposed. The situation is on the front pages of the media in his country and the Spanish, taking into account that the Real paid 60 million euros for his pass in June last year. In this context, even Prime Minister Ana Brnabic harshly criticized him: “They have seen all the negative examples of our soccer players coming from abroad, where they have millionaire contracts; they come here and they are not in isolation"

Punishment could include severe economic fine or up to three years in prison. "Being wealthy athletes will not prevent you from receiving penalties. Either they will meet or they will go to prison. We write criminal charges against some wealthy athletes. 87 charges were filed last night. Sentences ranging from one to 12 years. These people will respond when the court determines that the time has come for that, ”Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said on television, as reported by local media.

However, the politicians were not just referring to Jovic according to the investigations. They would also have targeted the "bad boy of Serbian football", the midfielder Nikola Ninković He currently works in the Ascoli of Italy and was also seen walking the streets of Belgrade during the last hours.

Spain is one of the countries hardest hit around the world by the coronavirus: in the last hours, the authorities confirmed that the 17 thousand infections and that there is already 767 deaths recorded. As this situation grows, Serbia decided to close the air traffic of the Nikola Tesla airport Belgrade this Thursday and begins to shield its land borders.

"All the calls we have made for people not to travel have not been fruitful since almost 70 thousand people have entered Serbia in the last four days. We try to protect citizens by sending those who reach self-isolation, but when you look at the figure of 70,000 it becomes clear how difficult it is for police officers to control those people who, if they violate self-isolation, put their lives at risk and those of other people ”, declared Stefanovic in TV Prva. In the next few hours it would be confirmed that the government of that country would also impose a curfew between 8 at night and 5 in the morning after exceeding the line of 70 positive cases of the COVID-19 virus.