Scandal in England: a figure from Chelsea broke the quarantine to play a game with friends

Last Thursday a news came out that paralyzed the Premier League. Chelsea announced that Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the first England First Division footballer to contract the virus.

Given this situation picture, the London club put all its staff and employees in quarantine, but there was an athlete who ignored the indications. Mason Mount, one of the main promises of the team, He was photographed on Sunday morning playing a football game in the Trent Park sports center despite having to comply with a domestic isolation.

As revealed Mirror, the 21-year-old midfielder was not the only professional who was present in the game. Declan Rice also attended the event. Although it is worth clarifying that the situation of the West Ham United man is not the same, since having not been in contact with any person who contracted the coronavirus, he was free to move outside his home.

“I took my 14 year old son there for a training session. We saw a car that looked a bit flashy and we wondered whose it was. Then another came with three or four people inside. My son recognized Mason Mount as the driver. They played a game of five or six per side. Declan Rice was also playing. They wore masks, but it was not obvious if they used them to protect other people or not to be identified. When I got back to the car I thought: ra Wait. We have someone in public who is a teammate of Callum Hudson-Odoi, who actually has a coronavirus. ' It seemed that neither of them was taking the situation very seriously. I imagine that their clubs will be horrified, ”says a witness to the aforementioned media.

According to the Daily Mail, The actions of the young man who played 25 games as a starter and scored 5 goals this season in the Premier League was not well seen by Chelsea, an institution that studies a strong economic fine. Mount additionally apologized on the phone to Frank Lampard, technical director of the Blues.

It is worth remembering that the Premier League interrupted its activity due to the coronavirus until April 4.