Scaloni seeks his substitute '9'

During a knockout phase for the world or in a Cup America, the moments are always important and the teams have to be nurtured by players of all kinds. In the case of Argentina Selection, some names are fixed, like Messi, Dybala, Lautaro Martinez or Omen, but there are others who have to earn a place.

Lucas Alario

The former River player who plays for Bayer Leverkusen is being the highest considered by Scaloni in his latest lists. The forward has a profile that Argentina does not have at the moment: he is doing well at the top, he is a low profile player, he works for the team and can adapt to playing with any teammate in attack. In recent months he did not have much continuity but Havertz's departure to Chelsea means that he may have more opportunities.

Giovanni Simeone

The 'Cholito' is a player for whom Scaloni bet in his first calls but later lost place. In the last season he played for Cagliari with convincing figures but he still did not explode. His time in Genoa was good but at Fiorentina he couldn't demonstrate all this. In the Selection he played little in the major and his best performance was in the U-20.

Mauro Icardi

Icardi's profile is not for a substitute '9' and that can be a problem for Scaloni. The DT knows that with the four players previously named it is difficult for a player of the stature of Icardi to be a substitute and take advantage of his few minutes in the national team. The one from PSG runs behind in this fight.