Savio saves Girona, Rayo scores and Cádiz needs penalties in the Cup

Sevilla and Celta clearly defeated Quintanar and Turégano to advance to the second round


Rayo Vallecano, Cádiz, Girona, Sevilla and Celta surpassed their debuts in the 2023-2024 Copa del Rey this Wednesday, a day in which the Madrid team beat Atlético de Lugones (0-6), Sergio González’s team won on penalties at Badalona Futur, Savio rescued the Gironís ‘in extremis’ against San Roque de Lepe (1-2) and Seville and Galicia solved their matches against CD Quintanar (0-3) and Turégano (0-4) without problems. , respectively.

The team from the strip did not fail in their first step in the Cup and overcame the process in Lugones, a team from with a huge win (0-6). Francisco Rodríguez introduced multiple changes to his eleven to give the regulars a rest, and the recipe worked for him. In fact, it was a Falcao who was craving minutes who retaliated with an early double. The first goal was a penalty, and the second was a great goal with a cross shot after a diagonal from the left to put the game away before the 20th minute.

Also in the first half, Sergio Camello scored the third, before the Vallecano party was joined by a well-toned Bébé, also the author of a double. The winger delighted those present at Santa Bárbara with a great goal from a free kick and with another right hand to close the victory. Before, between both goals, Ratiu celebrated his and confirmed Rayo Vallecano’s fervor for the Cup.

For its part, a serious Girona had a hard time getting going against a combative San Roque de Lepe. Michel’s men did not have the usual clairvoyance that propels them to co-leadership in LaLiga EA Sports and the game began to get tangled, with no convincing opportunities for the visitors. After passing through the locker room, the Catalan team’s coach introduced Savio, changing the face of his team, and just three minutes later he found a gap in the home wall in Valery’s boots.

That 0-1 seemed to shed light on the doubts of the visitors, who saw how their efforts were in vain with the locals’ equalizer through Mizzian in the 51st minute. The goal gave more strength and enthusiasm to the people of Huelva, who did not have a ‘Maradonian’ Savio. The Brazilian pulled off a fantastic play out of his hat, in the style of the Argentine star, which tipped the duel in favor of the Catalans in the 97th minute. Lepe died on the shore, although with the pride of having put one of the fittest teams in Spanish football on the ropes.

Cádiz also suffered, needing a penalty shootout, after the initial 0-0 scoreline did not move, against a scrappy Badalona Futur to seal their ticket to the second round of the Cup. Sergio González’s men were never able to take control of the match, against a Catalan team, from the Second RFEF, very brave with the ball that did not collapse despite the clear difference in level.

The minutes passed and the burden grew on the Andalusian team, unable to string together fruitful plays in attack. Badalona defended tooth and nail, already sunk in front of their goal in the final stretch, clinging to their remote options until the end. Already in the shootout, after an expulsion at the home team in a goalless overtime, Cádiz’s experience and weight prevailed over the modest team’s errors, with the Andalusians’ goalkeeper, David Gil, stopping the decisive shot.

Sevilla and Celta had fewer problems in their cup commitments. The Andalusians enjoyed their first victory of the Diego Alonso era, thanks to first-half goals from strikers Youssef En-Nesyri and Rafa Mir. That 0-2 generated tranquility in the people of Seville and neutralized the initial momentum of Quintanar, of Preferente de Castilla-La Mancha, who had some chance of getting closer on the scoreboard, although without success and seeing how Pedrosa signed the 0-3 in the discount.

Meanwhile, the match between the Galicians and Turégano had a similar script, also leading 0-2 in the first half with a double from Bamba. In this case, the visitors’ scoring party was more effusive, scoring two more goals in the second half by Carles Pérez to end a peaceful match with the final 0-4.