‘Save the King’ forced Bárbara to confess that she was paid to hide her intimate recordings with Juan Carlos I

Barbara Rey he wanted to tell his story, but without getting into more trouble. During the initial recording of his docuseries a barbaric life for Antena 3, in which he openly talks about his relationship with the king emeritus John carlos IHe categorically denied having received money in exchange for the intimate recordings of the meetings that had taken place at his home. The plan to keep quiet and hide the charge was botched when another documentary aired on HBO, save the king, brought to light the intimate audios of the vedette with the then monarch. The breakout star was forced to change her version of the recordings and to reshoot several scenes from her biopic to tell the truth.

It was on September 9 when through the streaming On HBO, the audio recordings could be heard with the messages of Juan Carlos leaving Bárbara on the answering machine at his home, with phrases from the then king such as “nothing, know how you are and give you a good morning kiss, muá”, or dialogues between the two lovers in which Barbara affirmed, “well, nothing, my life, sleep, rest. I love you very much”, and the emeritus replied: “I love you”. These recordings shocked and amused the whole of Spain in equal measure, while the journalists and former secret service agents who participated in the documentary assured before the cameras that they had been recorded by the artist.

By then, Bárbara had also filmed a good part of her own series in the previous months, a barbaric life. The producer disdained what was recorded where she denied having been paid, so she sat the singer and dancer back on the set to rectify and recount what they claimed had happened in save the king.

In the HBO series it was stated that the lover of the then King of Spain had received payments at least twice; the first during the first years of the affairs, between 1977 and 1980. Then someone called Zarzuela to report the existence of some photos of Juan Carlos touching Barbara’s breast during one of the dates in a house made available to lovers by the secret service. The vedette managed to collect 150,000 euros from that and sign a contract on Spanish Television in exchange for not publishing the images.

The documentary also stated that in the mid-90s the ex-wife of Angel Cristo he had filled his private home with cameras and microphones to record their sexual encounters and their conversations. On that occasion, Barbara reached another agreement with the secret services to deliver more tapes for an initial payment of 300,000 euros, plus 30,000 euros per month, and this after having publicly denounced that they had stolen and taken “sensitive” material from her home. , as reported in Lectures.

So the presenter ended up on Channel 9 in Valencia presenting a cooking program for which she pocketed half a million euros per space. The Queen Sofia She couldn’t stand seeing it on national television, and Barbara kept asking for monetary compensation for keeping quiet and not making the images and audios in her possession run.

Encounters at Franco’s country house

After having to give up and accept that she received everything she received, whoever was the sexiest blonde in the country has not kept quiet anymore, and in the second chapter of her docuseries, released on April 19, she has told all the details of how These were the beginnings of her romance with the Head of State in the midst of the Spanish political transition.

He affairs Secretly kept since they met 40 years ago, it initially materialized in one of Franco’s country houses, of which the artist recalls that “it was high up, like on a mound, all surrounded by holm oaks, pines… It was very austere, something dark. In the living room there was a sofa with paintings that I don’t even want to tell you about. There were many rooms with shitty beds that I wouldn’t have put anywhere. Franco was like that because, I imagine I, that those would be for their grandchildren”, he has recounted in the series with great detail.

Over time, the king and she gained confidence and the meetings were more relaxing. The dancer already affectionately called the emeritus “Juan, Juanito, darling, my love or these things that are usually said” and confesses that “I was no longer going to say ‘Your Majesty, today we are having a great time'”, because it was not a plan how intimately they knew each other.

That confidence allowed the star to witness many dialogues and secrets, including State: “More to the left of the rooms there was a telephone on which I heard many conversations.”

Artist consultant

Barbara even helped the emeritus organize a royal reception with actors and actresses of the time, for which she provided him with a list. She had asked him that the names be proportional in matters of political ideology. She tells how she went to that reception alone, how she was not entirely well received by her colleagues at the cinema and felt judged by them: “The big stars and actresses said what was this aunt doing there? She was the one with the cover, and they looked at me “.

At that time, she had been immersed in the royal romance for a very short time that had begun with a call from the then still young King Juan Carlos, in 1977, which the actress mistook for a joke. the father of King Felipe VI then he gave him a number that he should call to verify that he was who he said he was, and he did so: “When they answered me about Zarzuela, something already entered my mind.”

As summarized Week, the love story began with an invitation to visit Zarzuela, for which Bárbara was picked up by a car and taken to the Palace: “We arrived at a place where the guard is, the barrier and that’s when I saw the Palace”. After that guided tour of her, the emeritus called her “up to two and three times, the first of them before her audience, when she finished her gymnastics and other things.” Rey remembers the first meeting in which the monarch’s intentions were already made clear: “she behaved correctly but when I left he hugged me, kissed me and told me to see each other.”