Saúl: “The five changes benefit us a lot”

Saul, author of 1-0 in the Atlético-Alavés, he attended Movistar to analyze the victory of his team,

which is launched and stands out in third position.

Balance of 2-1.

Very happy for the victory, it was very hard, Alavés was very far behind, it was difficult for us to enter and depth on the wing, we tried to enter too much in the middle, that there were many people. We have broken the game with a stopped ball, they have opened and then the changes have hurt and have helped again. In the first part it was difficult, but we have tired the rival and the changes bring. We have a competitive workforce.

Alavés with 9 changes …

Athletic Shield / Flag

We think of ourselves. You prepare it in a way, thinking about the regulars of the rival, but one adapts …

First parts without goal.

Not worrying, sometimes it has been because we are not well and that does worry, other times you have occasions and you do not make them effective. But this game has been different and we are concerned with what depends on us.

Koke's penalty.

I have not seen it and if the VAR says it is a penalty, you have to accept it, period, just like ours. In slow motion everything can be maximized.

Atlético stands out in third place.

I will sleep peacefully because the team comes in a good dynamic, there are 4 consecutive victories, which I think we have not achieved this season. We have done a good job at home and after the confinement and that makes us make a difference with the rivals.

Later he offered his impressions to the press

Did you imagine going back to this level?

What matters is work. During the confinement the coaching staff was very much on top and we have done a great job to be in full condition in the competition and it is being seen. Now it gives us time to maintain the level with the five changes and with a great team where the changes do not lower the level, on many occasions they increase it.

When they mark they never lose.
It would be nice if it were always like that, but it is true that we have lost points other times with draws. I am very happy to help the team in that facet of attack and playing higher I feel more free and very comfortable.

Simeone says that Koke and Savic were not going to play at Camp Nou.

What the coach has in mind I don't know. I don't know if they were going to play or not. We are in a positive dynamic, we are physically and mentally well and it is a good time to play against Barcelona. He is a very dangerous opponent and I think it is a good time because of how we are. We are not worried about the losses of very important players because there is a bench with a lot of desire to perform and when they come out the level is the same or better, they make the difference.

Is it your best moment of the season?

Honestly the mentality that we have now that everything comes out, with players at a high level making a difference and with very high confidence is demonstrated on the field. The five changes benefit us a lot and I think that having five variants to make that difference with the rival is good. He talks about the good management of the squad, which is so broad and that in the end, as the coach says, it is often unfair to others because they are left without playing, but now with two more changes, the difference with the teams increases.