Saúl made a historic double that only six athletes achieved before

Saúl is still a special player for Atlético. The youth player is a talisman footballer, since when he scores his team never loses. He returned to serve against Barcelona (2-2), where Saúl scored two goals, both from a penalty. And it is in this facet that it has also found a place in the history of the red and white entity. Saúl made the decision to launch the first penalty, after missing Diego Costa in the first attempt. And he was brave to also kick, and score, the second maximum penalty. On seven previous occasions in the League an Atlético player scored two penalties in the same match. One of them, Rubén Cano, did it twice.

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The first to do so was Luis Costa, in the 1929-30 campaign. He did it precisely against Barcelona. Costa was later president of the Spanish Federation. Cuenca, Agustín, Rubén Cano, twice, Manolo, the Mexican Luis García Postigo And it was the other players who doubled from the penalty spot in the League, who Saúl joined on Tuesday. Rubén Cano, the Atlético forward in the late 1970s, scored two penalty goals in the same match against Cádiz, in the 1977-78 season, and also against Real Sociedad, in the 1978-79 campaign.

Atlético has not been a team that has traditionally been in tune with penalties. That is why it is worth highlighting the success of these players. Regarding the rivals, Barcelona and Athletic conceded in two games each two double goals from penalties. Sabadell, Espanyol, Cádiz and Real Sociedad were the other teams to which the Atletico players scored two penalty goals.