Saúl: “I have had a bad time this year but it will help me for the future”

Ñíguez has lived a difficult season in the

Atlético de Madrid. Possibly the worst since he took a place in the first mattress team. The man from Elche has lost his role as the undisputed starter this season, to the benefit of other teammates.

In his discharge, he has always been there for whatever it takes. Simeone He has used him to play wherever he played, left back, pivot, inside … whatever. And he, as always, ready.

Things may not have turned out as expected but he assures that it has been the best year of his life personally, after the birth of his first daughter. “This year that I have gone through ups and downs, personally, sports and family, I value very much those past moments in which I lived the present, the immediate, in which I enjoyed each game,” explained the player in a conversation with the ‘streamer’ Pablo Pereira.

“In terms of football, he has not been the best, but personally, because my daughter was born, it is the best thing that has happened to me. Now you see your profession, your passion in every way. In the bad moments I have gotten more positive things, I believe that I am a better person and player, it will help me for the future. When I retire I hope it shows that I was a good professional ”, said the mattress maker.


Over the years, he recognizes that his way of seeing football has changed. From the initial passion I had to a more professional vision today.

“I personally watch soccer. I do not watch all the games of The league, but if it's from the Premier, I usually see it. Even if it is lower, that is not the Top-6, because I think anything can happen in any game. Here I see the Elche or if they are rivals who are going to play against us, I see it. It is no longer necessary after so many years in The league, you know 80% of the players. But there are many footballers who do not like to watch football, “said the mattress player.

“When I was young I saw all of them, mine even repeated. Now less and less, every time I like it less because of all the external movement that there is regarding football ”, he added to remember that his debut was very special for him. “Seeing the family is super emotional, in the Calderon, I debuted in Europe, before him Besiktas, friends came … It was spectacular to see how he sings Calderon your name, because you are from the quarry. But I have given it since a few years ago I realized, when I thought that then I was living in the moment, I enjoyed every game, every moment… ”, he said.