Sara Carbonero and Nacho Taboada, love on the streets of Paris: kisses and hugs

Sara Carbonero breaks his usual discretion. For a year and a half now, the journalist and Nacho Taboada They have a loving relationship. Magazine Hola reveals photographs of both, where they give each other kisses and hugs in the city of Paris.

Sara and Nacho walk relaxed through the city of love. As cited in the aforementioned magazine, the journalist and the musician toured the Tuileries gardens and stayed in a hotel located near the emblematic Louvre museum.

Although to date displays of affection in public were not common in the relationship, the sports journalist and the musician already dedicated words of affection to each other on social networks.

Proof of this is Taboada’s reaction when Sara Carbonero shared photos of a UNICEF event on Instagram, where she coincided with Queen Letizia.

“Your constant dedication to nurturing the emotional development of children is wonderful. You continue to be a guide in all those fundamental values ​​such as respect and empathy, so necessary in our society. Proud of you is an understatement,” the artist wrote. Faced with these words, Sara Carbonero could only add “I love you” in response.