Santiago Segura updates his health status after his hospital admission: “We continue investigating”

On December 28, Santiago Segura He made public his hospital admission for pancreatic insufficiency. The actor reappeared this Wednesday in a premiere and revealed that doctors have not yet found the origin of his illness.

I had a very annoying problem and we continue investigating“explained the film director. Likewise, the protagonist of Summer Vacation He joked: “My father said that 'there was no healthy man, there was a poorly researched man'. As soon as you go to have an analysis, it is the worst. I recommend looking at what is necessary“.

Santiago Segura also took advantage of his intervention to talk about how proud he is of his daughters: Calm16, and Siren9 years old, both the result of her relationship with the makeup artist Maria Amaro. “I'm sorry, the girls disappear and the woman appears. They are on the right track and I am very impressed”. The actor's daughters have made their way into the world of cinema thanks to his father's successful films.

The protagonist of Torrent On December 28, he published a photograph from the hospital. It was April Fool's Day, but the actor wasn't joking. “I have been suffering from pancreatic insufficiency for some time. and I'm worried that they won't find the causes of the problem,” he explained to the magazine Pronto the 58-year-old actor. Next to the post, where he appeared dressed in hospital pajamas, the interpreter ofe Father there is but one He commented that he had undergone an endoscopy ultrasound. “It doesn't look anything bad, it seems”he pointed out.