Santiago Segura has been “with pancreatic insufficiency” for some time: “I am worried that they will not find the cause”

Santiago Segura On December 28, he published a photograph from the hospital. It was April Fool's Day, but the actor wasn't joking. Now, the actor has explained that he was admitted to undergo several tests. He suffers from pancreatic insufficiency, although the cause is still unknown.

“I have been suffering from pancreatic insufficiency for some time. and I am worried that they will not find the causes of the problem,” the 58-year-old actor explained to Pronto. A few days ago he has resumed normal life, because, he assures, his discomfort does not prevent him from “continuing working.” However, he considers that it is “quite heavy to have digestive disorders and discomfort constantly.”

Along with the publication he shared on his social networks, where he appeared dressed in hospital pajamas, the interpreter of Father there is only one He commented that he had undergone an endoscopy ultrasound. “It doesn't look bad at all, it seems,” he pointed out.

The test combines an ultrasound and ultrasound to directly visualize the interior of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, rectum and sigmoid and the interior of its intestinal wall, as well as the structures that surround these viscera.

His goodbye to Paco Arévalo

A few days after talking about his hospitalization, the protagonist of Christmas in your hands He regretted the death of his friend Paco Arévalo through Instagram. The actor shared some heartfelt words dedicated to the comedian.

“And suddenly when someone dies you realize how much love you had for them. Paco Arévalo was in all the gas stations, in the glove compartments of our parents' 600s, in the radio cassettes in bars in the towns and cities of half of Spain… I saw him as a child on Un, Dos, Tres and I found his way very funny. physical, that reminded me of Mickey Rooney,” he said.

“When I finally dedicated myself to entertainment, I met him on several shows, but when we were most involved was when I was working on the movie Here and there those long, cold nights where we shared a caravan and chatted with his daughter Nuria, who must be broken (having recently overcome cancer… now suddenly losing his father)”, added the actor.

Segura defined Arévalo as someone “close, friendly and kind. Affable and with an easy and contagious laugh and smile.” “Whenever Flo, Mota and I were going to perform, he came to Valencia to see us. He always scolded me – you have never taken me out on Torrent!– I told him, – next time, Paco – (and I meant it) Now it will no longer be possible,” Segura said.