Santiago Pedraz and his girlfriend are expecting their first child together: Esther Doña is already history

According to Beatriz Cortázar, the two are in luck. The magistrate of the National Court and the woman with whom he recovered the illusion of love after his breakup Esther Dona they are expecting their first child.

“He was not in the pools but he is a much-desired baby. He has arrived earlier than they calculated. It has been very fast. This is his fourth child and he will be born in November,” the journalist has advanced in Federico’s program Jimenez Losantos.

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“It has been something much faster than they thought but they are delighted. The respective families already know the news,” he added, giving the odd detail: “They were not looking for it but they were not preventing it either.”

Elena Hormigosa separated woman with no children, is the lucky one who has stolen the heart of Santiago Pedraz, who already has three other children, the result of two previous relationships. Hormigos, a discreet lawyer 28 years younger than him. He is 64 years old and she is 36. She is two months pregnant.

The first photos of the two came to light in February, six months after the stormy break between the judge and the widow of the Marquis de Griñón after approximately two years of courtship. They met through a mutual friend.

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The judge, who has three children from two previous relationships, has quickly forgotten Doña. She, on the other hand, continues to talk about the breakup when she has the opportunity: “I get hives. I don’t know if one day I will get over it or I will have to go to the psychologist to get over this,” he came to confess a few weeks ago. “I have always been in love with love and I did not see myself without a partner, but I am in a beautiful moment and I feel very good, not love for now,” she added then.