Santander League: Zidane's policy to seek the League: between the balance of costumes and tactical solutions | LaLiga Santander 2019



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Zidane, in a training.

Many days later, within Real Madrid it is still necessary to speak about the replacement of Toni Kroos against Manchester City. When asking club staff inside the locker room for some specific reason, in case there had been any problem between the German and the boss, the response received has always been the same: Nothing, nothing happened to them. The truth is that in the next game, the German again started, as always under the command of the coach who won with the three European Cups in a row. In fact, he was the most prominent in 2-0 at Barcelona.

Things of Zizou, repeated in Madrid to define the decisions of the French, so concerned to consolidate the passage of his team in the League, after regaining the leadership in the classic, as to maintain the difficult balances of the costumes. It is his philosopher, although sometimes the movement of pieces has an impact on the field. The bold eleven against Real Sociedad, in the quarterfinals of the Cup, is the best example. I played it with many substitutes and it went wrong.

In the eyes of the club, political management always penalized white coaches. It is interpreted as signs of weakness before the staff, before their moods. However, in the case of the French, its impressive history serves as an unbeatable argument. Zidane he is convinced that only under a good internal atmosphere can objectives be achieved. As he achieved what he achieved in his first stage and as he has lifted to the current Madrid, after touching the ruin l and the team at the beginning of the season. The bad faces of those who played the least influenced their decision to leave – by surprise – the charge hours after raising the 2018 European Cup. It is the most difficult part of my work, the Marseilles confesses again and again when talking about the confections of the eleven and summons them.

The costume humor

A Modric, annoyed by some previous substitutions, gave the title to the City, to remove it in the subsequent classic. That's why Kroos fell from eleven. The Croatian is one of the silent leaders of the booth. In some match, he has also removed Valverde, his revelation of the year and basic piece to maintain the firmness of the spinal cord. Nor is it easy to separate world figures such as James or Bale, after starting in September with focus. Nor is it easy to use young, strategic club bets. Rodrygo, for example, has gone from being a starter in autumn to playing in Castilla in recent weeks. Today the Brazilian has to travel to Villamarn. And it can even be a headline.

Even the management of the substitute striker has his crumb, with Mariano now ahead of Jovic, at home tonight. The absence of Isco, with low back pain, allow ZZ against Betis to open the attack on news. You will have to be more practical than political, because the flu from Carvajal and Militao forces you to improvise the right side probably with Militao. Madrid needs the victory to continue leading.

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