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“I'm going to have Gareth because he is a player that we know what he can contribute. He has to be fine and I just want him to play well”

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Zidane, during the press conference.
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Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, said there is no problem with Gareth Bale so that he does not enter his calls, he said that he will have prominence during the season, but said that what he wants is that “he is well to play.

Up to seven questions of the appearance of Zidane addressed the situation of Bale, outside the last calls being in conditions and without suffering discomfort. In one of his answers the Madrid coach showed the reason why he has not had the Welshman.

“We always talk but I'm not here to tell what I say to my players. It has not been in the last calls for things, it was always available but I have to choose. Tomorrow is another game and we will have many until the end of the season and I will have Gareth because he is a player that we know what he can contribute. It has to be fine and I want it to be fine to play, “he said, bringing to light the reason for his decisions.

However Zidane defended that Bale trains well when asked directly. “I know where the question is going,” he explained. “And I am happy with all the players. Having 25 I have to make a call and nothing else, there is no problem and Bale will continue working as he is doing. We will count on him.”

To the Copa del Rey tie against the Real society which cost the elimination of Real Madid, Bale arrived with the game started and left before the end. For Zidane it is not disrespectful. “I don't think so, the most important thing is that he wants to be here, train and fight. The inside is inside and outside you can say, but he is a player of ours with whom I will count until the end.”

The Welsh representative, Jonathan Barnett, assured that his player will fulfill the contract that unites him until 2022 with Real Madrid. “It would be no problem,” Zidane replied. “It's like that, he has a contract and he's going to stay here as his agent said. The player wants to be here.”

Zidane did not confirm if he will summon Bale to Pamplona. “You can enter the call because you are a player who is now ready to play.” And he made it clear that his latest decisions are not “a touch of attention.”

“I have the problem. The player wants to be and play, what they all have to do is be 100% available to play. Then the complication is mine in choosing for each game in a large and very long squad. There is no solution with Gareth because there is no problem. I count on him and it means nothing that has not been summoned the last two. I know he will give us something at the end of the season, “he said.

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