Santander League | Villalibre frustrates Eibar

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It is what the new football has. Whoever likes it, take it and whoever does not, who knows that it will end in the bonfire of oblivion. In Ipurua, a field that loves traditions, traditional football and the horn that calls the battle every day, a coach was seen with the mask, misplaced, by the way, in the stands after being expelled, A referee whistling two penalties after seeing a screen at the foot of the field, six minutes long and a usually bustling stadium, this time mute. Spectators spread out in the surrounding housing towers.

All these new guidelines put cosmetics on a crazy derby. Hell of sorting has knocked on the gun door and the team has rolled up their sleeves with shock soccer and centers the area for the two-point fight. Ahletic were able to save the tie thanks to a good start and a surprise from Villalibre in the 81st minute. For more than half an hour he attended helplessly to that football proposed by the impetuous Mendilibar, who saw the red for swearing and is the leader in expulsions in First in the present century: 11 times has gone to the stands.

The rojiblanco team committed the same crime as on Sunday against Atlético: he was attentive, scored his goal and let himself tie in the blink of an eye. Escalante made that mistake so frequent in many games: in a distant shoe he turned and hit the ball in the arm, in an unnatural position. The penalty, reviewed at the foot of the field by Prieto Iglesias, He was thrown half-bitten by Raúl García, adjusted to the right post by Dmitrovic.

The derby had salsa, depth and rhythm, but it was more suitable for second plays than for the violins with the ball played. The gunsmiths tied after a collection of nonsense both in defense and attack: Capa, Yeray and Iñigo Martínez were strangely soft, and he hit it with Tara Pedro León and Kike García finished off the net with his nose, that ended up bleeding. The pace dropped in half an hour, coinciding with the pause to cool off. And from there, an Eibar emerged in its sauce.

Garitano stuck to the usual script. He pointed to Córdoba at the break and removed Williams, who had forgotten about the title 50 games later.

Athletic seemed to be intoning, giving rhythm to the circulation, But it was to get Raúl García's goal and stay out of the frame. He found a wire fence to find Muniain or progress through the band, while the Catalans squeezed those sides, with Cote especially. They climbed the domain, turning to the right and put the red and white media centers near the balcony of their area. A penalty from Dani García to Escalante, for grabbing when he had not won the position, served for 2-1 with transformation of Orellana.

The Bilbao painting was pure impotence in such a physical landscape. Raúl was not hooking a game at the end and Williams barely found the thread, the ball came very ‘dirty’. Garitano put Lekue to stop Cote's internships and opted for a 4-4-2 with Villalibre and Williams on the adventure. In such a collection of errors, Arbilla cleared poorly and his team went wrong. A later ball centered by Dani García arrived at Villalibre as soon as he left- He gave it as always at the first touch, with his knee at the height of the acrobatics, and tied the derby. Quique González had it in the final sip but his ball went off just slightly.


Athletic coach Gaizka Garitano appreciated a draw at Eibar that allows his team to continue with options to qualify for European competition, although he acknowledged that it is necessary “to add three by three”. “We came from a draw against Atlético, currently one of the best teams in the world, who beat Liverpool, and today we did a great first part. Then we went down in the second, but I see my team well”, declared after the meeting.

“We are talking about a difficult goal to achieve (Europa League) because you have to add three at a time and we have only drawn two draws in a row. We have to get more”he reiterated. He stressed that playing in Ipurua “is always that complicated” and that his players “had a hard time reaching the top.”

Garitano regretted that his team did not center more balls to the local area, something that Eibar did, and recalled that the second Atletico goal came precisely on a hung ball that Asier Villalibre took advantage of.

He did not hide that Athletic “was coming for the game” and thus posed the clash, but was not disappointed to take only one point after remembering that Quique González was able to score the third goal in the last minute for the gunsmiths.

Andoni Azkargorta

The second coach of Eibar Andoni Azkargorta appeared before the media after the expulsion of José Luis Mendilibar in the match against Athletic Bilbao and said he had “no idea” of the reasons why the first gunsmith coach had to leave the field. “Even Mendilibar does not know what he has said. We were asking Kike García for a grab in his area and the fourth referee sent him off”Azkargorta reported in the press room of the Sociedad Deportiva Eibar.

Azkargorta, already in his analysis of the match, regretted the short time that elapsed between Eibarrés' second goal and Athletic's draw, achieved by Asier Villaverde moments later. “The team is touched because it has been a shame that the tie will be achieved so quickly, just when we were very comfortable and the point knows little to us”, lamented the Gipuzkoan preparer.

Eibar's permanence options grow with this tie, according to an Azkargorta who said he was “very calm” because his squad “is competing very well and if we continue like this we will be close to achieving the objective”.

“Adding a point is always good and we consider it good, because yesterday some teams that are below did not manage to add and also today the victory could fall for either side”, Eibar's second coach commented late his appearance.

He supported his thesis with the memory of “The 45 very good minutes we did against Real Madrid” and also because of “the image shown against Athletic who is always very competitive, although if they have not done more it is because we have known how to neutralize it.”


Williams (45 ', Íñigo Córdoba), Lekue (65 ', Gaizka Larrazabal), Ibai Gomez (77 ', Raúl García), Villalibre (77 ', Muniain), Pablo De Blasis (81 ', Pedro León), Charles (84 ', Sergi Enrich), Diop (85 ', Escalante), Cristoforo (91 ', Orellana), Quique (91 ', Kike García)


0-1, 7 ': Raúl García, 1-1, 18 ': Kike Garcia, 2-1, 77 ': Orellana, 2-2, 80 ': Villalibre


Referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias
VAR Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez Izquierdo
Escalante (7 ', Yellow) Pedro Leon (53 ', Yellow) Dani Garcia (76 ', Yellow) Steal (83 ', Yellow) Vesga (96 ', Yellow