Santander League: The Atlantic is committed to the return of Carrasco | LaLiga Santander 2019




Two years after his departure to China, the Belgian player returned as assigned after frustrating the signing of Edinson Cavani

Yannick Carrasco, during a match with the Atletico.

The Atlantic sought in this winter market a '9' and, if nothing goes wrong, end up signing a '10'. The chosen forward was Edinson Cavani, but the negotiation ended up breaking down at the last hour. Do not come now or next summer, when the Uruguayan ends contract with the PSG. Right now, in the offices of the club rojiblanco work for Yannick Carrasco (26 years), with a very different profile, return to Madrid, two years after its sale to the Chinese club Dailan Yifang (has a contract until 2022), to relieve Club accounts in that winter .. The player is already in Madrid and return as a loan until the end of the season, so it will not be necessary to leave any of the players in the squad.

The initial idea in the offices of the Atlantic, to satisfy Simeone's express request, was to hire a battering ram that, at a minimum, matched the level of Diego Costa and Morata. And the commitment to Cavani meets all parameters. However, according to sources close to negotiation, after reaching an economic agreement with the PSG (something more than 15 million) and also with the player himself, the representative (brother of the player) claimed the same commission as if the signing had been completed in summer, when the contract of the charra with the Parisian club had already concluded. It was the movement that blew up an operation that has never been easy because of the economic demands that surrounded it.

So now Yannick Carrasco has the focus. The Belgian left-hander was eager to return to Europe, after two years in Chinese football, and in the Atletico they believe that it may be a different solution for the offensive problems that the team has been suffering. Speed, dribbling and shooting to recover other you go to the rival goalkeeper. Once your salary is finalized and an agreement is reached with the player's agent, Christophe Henrotay, the same as Thibaut Courtois, Yannick play as given. Thus, in this winter market, the rojiblanco club will not have to pay any transfer nor will it be necessary to exit any player.

Simeone's call

Simeone, which was decisive for the signing of the end, in 2015, which he came to call personally during the negotiation in Mnaco, has given his approval for the return of a player whom he knows very well and that will not need adaptation. Together with the Argentine coach, he played 124 games (74 as a starter): he scored 23 goals, including that of the final of the Miln Champions (2016), and regal 17. In his 50 games in the Chinese Super League he has scored 24 points and distributed 17 assists .

In the Atlantic trust that the return of Diego Costa, which faces the final phase of its recovery after being operated in November for a cervical disc herniation, can relieve the team's scoring hardships. If all goes well, Costa will share a changing room with Carrasco. Who knows if both can become a solution.

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