Santander League: Rubi, the king of storms in Betis, seeks to ruin the leadership of Real Madrid | LaLiga Santander 2019

Europe is for Betis what Japan was for Don't step on me I wear flip flops. It's far, s. An almost unattainable destination for an erotic team, in a season that, in the best case, be inconsequential. In points, right now they are closer to hell than to heaven. Better not lie ruin. A coach, Rubi, who, like Bruce Willis in The sixth Sense, keep on living normal life until you discover the inevitable: it is more outside than inside. The last time he won his team in the League was still cut into trays on the dining room table.

On January 19, the Royal Society was imposed by 3 to 0 in a match that seemed, at the time, an epiphany. A change of landscape. A door to the future. But those ninety minutes of hope have aged badly. Borja Iglesias has not scored since then, Guido Rodrguez has become transparent, defensive fragility has increased. Third most thrashed team, the first two in this sad ranking sleep in relegation places. “The last matches have been close to winning them all, but for one thing or another, no,” Rubi said in his last press conference. These are the tragic words of those who know they are undermined and on the canvas.

Angel Haro, president, and Jos Miguel Lpez Cataln, vice president, are appointed as responsible for the mess. Without a sports director to blame, the top shareholders have demonstrated their inability to flip when the road becomes dangerous. That Rubi's Betis was a brown project was seen in the first leg of the season. A pair of match balls, saved up blindly to the net, avoided the sung dismissal. The first was an agnic victory against a Celtic in distress, at home, also sweetened with a meritorious point at the Bernabu on the next day. The second, the chain of victories between November and December -Valencia, Mallorca, Athletic Club-, which boarded it up to 11th place, a balcony where you can look at Europe with something more than hope. Since then, a Slalom towards irrelevance.

At the limit

“In Betis there is no one essential. Fortunately or unfortunately, the results of football are what mark the future of the team. Betis is above all of us,” said Alexis Trujillo, coordinator of the sports area this week. The former soccer player exerted a bad cop and made it clear that “we will act in relation to each day.” The club is waiting for the ballistics report to pass sentence. In front of Real Madrid, and with Sevilla just around the corner, a miracle is expected, some tender joy. A victory will be a relief for everyone. The team will go to the derby with more fortitude, the president will not have the obligation to change the technique in the face of such an important game and Rubi will cement his reborn image, with more opportunities than El Platanito, a bullfighter, better known for his mistakes for its successes, but that always filled the square.

“I'm working hard to see a good Betis,” Rubi said in the previous game tonight at Benito Villamarn. But the situation of his team no longer has an aesthetic response. The beautiful is also political. Looking like a good team doesn't work anymore, it doesn't relieve pain. The tyrant of the classification, that fourteenth place, frightens the joy with swipes. The team has a hole in the center of the field. None of the tests have worked regularly. It is striking the position of the defensive pivot, the anchor so that the team does not end at the mercy of the waves and the rival.

William Carvalho, Javi Garca, Marc Bartra, dgar Gonzlez and Guido Rodrguez have occupied that capital position in the Catalan technical system. None settled in the post. Between injuries, lack of performance, denaturalization of his position, immaturity or pure distrust, the team has a hard time swinging with an arm. Centrals are often over exposed to attacks from the opposite. And that Mandi and Feddal, who finally finish the verdiblanco season after not negotiating the negotiations with Valencia, have been the best news of the season for the Andalusian team.

Rubi has ended up abandoning himself to the talent of those above, unquestionable in footballers such as Canales, Fekir or Joaqun. Betis has lived in them in beautiful matches. Individuality vis-à-vis the collective usually creates intermittent, heartless and brief teams. More palaustre that brush would have needed Betis to reach, on the other hand, expensive European squares. In the absence of ten days to end the season, any solution touches the melancholy.

What could be of this template, unbalanced, but charming, with a coach less surpassed by the circumstances, cooler, without this penalty uphill? We will have to ask Haro and Cataln, with less waist than a can of soda, that seeing it coming they decided not to act. Let a template die with sadness better than character. A cohesive, sensible team, but one that has lacked architecture and solidity. “I hope Betis ends the season with good feelings,” Rubi said. A slow farewell, the mohna meloda of failure.

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