Santander League: Piqu points up and Jordi Alba explodes: “I ask you to respect me” | LaLiga Santander 2019

Barcelona 1 – Real Sociedad 0




The central assures that the apologies for Eder Sarabia were not necessary and emphasizes that the club is in weakness.

Jordi Alba, during the match against Real Sociedad.

The pitos a Josep Maria Bartomeu and the shouts of resignation returned to the Camp Nou. More timidly, compared to the match against Eibar, initially, but more intense when Bara suffers to finally win the victory against the Royal Society. The image of the Barca president is still very touched. And even Gerard Piqu did not hesitate to pull again by elevation. It was in his first intervention, as soon as the match was over, before the cameras of Movistar LaLiga and because of the controversy over the outbursts of Eder Sarabia in the Bernabu.

When the club is in weakness, such things arise. A few weeks ago, after the defeat against Valencia, they say that the players did not make the circle before the game. And it wasn't because of a bad feeling, it was simply because, with the change of coach the warming was different. This is the same. It is normal that the second coach is adrenaline in the Bernabu and manifests in this way, said the Barca center.

All players see it completely normal. In the locker room I apologized, and we told him that it wasn't for us, that if he did it because of the club's image, it was understandable, but we don't care and we like that there is intensity on the benches. It's another story of what happens when the club is in weakness. And if we have to go out and deny it, then we do it and that's it, the defense insisted.

“I don't think it's a receipt”

It seems that he killed someone … He is a person who football lives very intensely and the comments he made is the most normal thing in the world. It seems that people cannot express themselves as they wish. I would have done the same, or worse. Everyone has to be respected, he added a Jordi Alba who exploded before the stands of the stands.

Nobody likes the public to go against him, especially in your stadium. I respect everyone, but also I want you to respect me. The attitude is good, all players give everything on the pitch. We don't like to play badly, but whistling in the 15th minute is something that I don't think is welcome. I respect everyone and also ask that they respect me, said the side, who had a severe gesture towards the stands after scoring a 2-0 that, finally, did not climb the scoreboard.

“I understand the anger”

From his point of view, the troubled club environment is not beneficial for the team either. When there is that murmur in the field, it's not easy, but in the end we have to live with it. I understand people's anger, in part, I just hope they help us. With your support, I'm sure everything will be much better, he added.

The fans may not contemplate that Real can dominate, but they are having a great season, he said. Quique Setin When asked about the whistles to his team. Above all, because in his opinion the victory was deserved. It is true that we had to win thanks to a review of the VAR, but that happens in many games. If we had marked any of the occasions we had, we would not have needed it. The day you're lucky on your side, you put them in any way. Now that is not happening, but it does not worry me. The important thing is to create them, zanj.

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