Santander League: Morales Graves Real Madrid Without Toe | LaLiga Santander 2019

Levante 1 – Real Madrid 0




The captain of the Levante marks the only goal of the match near the end and the white team reach the classic from behind in the general

Sergio Ramos, sitting on the grass, laments the defeat.

Morales' left-handed glove leaves LaLiga in a fist. The commander of the Levante left Real Madrid frozen when, a second before leaving the field, he surprised Courtois with an impossible shot center that slipped into the first post. The emotion to win is better than the fear of losing. As Paco Lpez conceives his Levante, firm in defense but, above all, with a bold proposal of attack that in the City of Valncia seems synonymous with joy before the greats.

Real Madrid needed to leave the granota stadium leader and sometimes he did not lack to achieve his purpose. Another thing is that Benzema, Hazard or Casemiro were able to turn them into an advantage. They did not. His mistakes, even in the heart of the area, kept alive a Levant that allowed himself to be sent and only trusted his options to the lashes against him.

Aitor was harassed from the start. I tried Benzema in a hand to hand, then after an Isco pass and then trying to partner with Modric. However, he failed to break the streak of a goal in nine games, a very poor balance. But it wasn't Nico Falln. Even Casemiro wasted a bad fist clearance from the granota goal. Zidane had given Isco chevrons to draw the Madrid attack and Hazard was beginning to sparkle.

The Levant had no choice but to scramble based on blows. It's not something that bothers the boys of Paco Lopez. They know that it is one of the weapons they handle best. He launched the first against the Commander Morales, but his center for the Mayoral auction went long. They did not despair. After prob Campaa with a right from outside the area that diverted head. By dint of seeing how the whites went out in the area, the beans became sticky. Especially Roger with the Madrid captain, who got an intimidating yellow.

I could not trust Real Madrid. He was the owner of the ball before an opponent he could not hit and had no fear. Tidy but not afraid to look for the three points. And, perhaps the siege increased, there was Aitor. I tried again without luck Modric and Ramos dared with a pass to Isco in a tight offside. S found Benzema's malagueo in the small but French area to find a forced Hazard in the second suit. Eligi bad even though he had found the perfect hole in his duel over and over again Miramn.

Benzema, no punch

The passage through the locker room returned a match with the same intensity, with the whole of Zidane overturned over Aitor and the locals forcing errors. But both unable to see door. I did not surprise Vukcevic when he found Roger so that, on the front, he forced Courtois and Benzema could not beat a clear hand in hand with the Basque goal of the Levant. The gunmen last night had wet powder.

Hazard's injury shook Madrid and forced Zidane to look for more arguments. I needed the tension of Vinicius and of Lucas Vzquez to intimidate the rival that was beginning to take advantage of Madrid's anxiety. Two rides of Morales looking for Borja Mayoral They made it clear that for Levante there is no possible surrender. There never is, let alone in the captain's boots. With the score against, the siege of the targets was as absolute as unproductive. The die was cast.

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