Santander League: Marcelo accepts a fine of 105,000 euros for driving without points | LaLiga Santander 2019



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Marcelo, in the courts.
Emilio Naranjo EFE

The player of Real Madrid Marcelo Vieira today accepted a fine of about 105,000 euros in total for driving without points, according to the agreement reached by your lawyer and the prosecutor in the case.

An agreement reached at the speedy trial held this morning in the investigative court number 3 of Alcobendas (Madrid).

As established in the law, compliance with the Office of the Prosecutor involves a reduction of one third in the amount of the penalty originally requested, which was fifteen months.

The events date back to 11:00 hours past December 19, when the Civil Guard stopped the vehicle that Marcelo was driving at kilometer 5,900 of the M-12, in the municipality of Alcobendas, because he had committed an infraction.

At that time the agents verified that the accused had lost the validity of his driving license, since all the points had been withdrawn.

Already in 2013, the head of the Instruction Court number 11 of Madrid, in a sentence of conformity, sentenced the footballer to a fine of 6,000 euros after being caught also driving without points on the card near the sports city of Real Madrid.

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