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Hazard, on the ground after injuring himself against Levante.
Miguel Angel Polo EFE

Thursday Eden Hazard go through the operating room in the United States to fix your ankle damaged a second time this season. Being in Dallas, at the table of the specialist Eugene Curry, one of the world eminences in orthopedic surgery. The players of the Dallas Cowboys They are in your hands every time you suffer an injury.

Until he has arrived Real Madrid after an intense international sweep in search of the best solution for its star. After the disgust of his second KOIn the same articulation, the white club took time to analyze all the options.

The first fissure was fine, but the question remained about that plaque that he was placed years ago in the ankle, when he played in the Chelsea. It has been concluded that this reinforcement measure has ended up harming him. Dr. Curry proceed to withdraw it.

Then, decide if they reposition it, opt for a different type of support, in what position they adjust it or if they leave the ankle free. Once the operation is over, the estimated deadlines arrive, an unknown factor at this time.

Play at the end of the season? Go to the European Championship with Belgium? Forget this campaign to focus on the next one? Only after going through the operating room, can the club doctors calculate the return date. The most optimistic forecast puts him in May helping the team, in the final sprint, and the pessimist, in July, in the preseason.

There will be no hurry, as far as Real Madrid is concerned. If heals soon and can help the team, great. That the club wants with enthusiasm. But the most important thing is that it is in full condition for the next course.

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