Santander League: Goals without control between Betis and Mallorca at Villamarn | LaLiga Santander 2019




The visitors scratch a point against Rubi's team, beaten by their fans after their fifth consecutive game without winning (3-3).

Take Kubo grabs Alex Moreno at Villamarn.
Julio Muoz EFE

Betis did not pass the draw against Real Mallorca (3-3) in the match that inaugurated the 25 day of LaLiga and increases their doubts in the middle of the table, with nothing at stake, while the vermilions scratch a golden point to Exit the descent provisionally.

Villamarn hosted a thrilling duel, with decisions corrected by the VAR and the usual rush, which Betis needed to end with only one point. Rubi's team ended up apologizing about the green and the grandstand with a loud whistle from the coach and his players. It already links five days without winning.

The night did not start well for the locals because of the goal of 'Cuchu' Hernndez, who took advantage of a clearance from the defense, after a shot by Take Kubo, to connect a formidable right. Betis answered a minute later thanks to a clamorous Leonardo penalty on Fekir. Marc channels with security from 11 meters.

And before the break the same process was repeated again. Kubo, from the left profile, put the 1-2 in Budimir's boots, author of a great movement with his back to goalkeeper. However, Betis tied again with a penalty. On this occasion it was Fekir who beat Queen with some more suspense. The 2-2 returned the equality to a party that finished going crazy after the break.

Joel's slowness

Joaqun was in charge of tracing for the verdiblancos with a play of many carats. The one in the Port of Santa Mara got rid of a Balearic defense and adjusted his shot to the far post of the goalkeeper. The 3-2 unleashed the madness in a Villamarn who will not know that he will have to suffer Kubo's goal 20 minutes to go.

The Japanese yielded by Real Madrid took advantage of a childish error in defense and cross shot without much power. However, Joel did not react in time and the ball just surpassed the goal line. Betis tried in the final section, but neither Tello nor Loren could achieve the fourth.

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